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Most Expensive Marijuana Strains. In the United States, more and more states are voting to legalize recreational marijuana. At the same time, the federal government has vowed to return to the…


  1. So, just a few things. CBD's have ZERO psychedelic effects and the effects of the high or stone is more a result of the ratios of THC to the numerous cannabinoids of which Cannabidiol happens to be one that is found in higher amounts then the others.
    I have had strains that were nice and balanced with THC lvls of around 13-17 percent with total CBD's around 2-3 percent that were much more enjoyable then ones have a very high THC percentage. Just ask anyone that takes the synthetic THCs what they think of it without the balancing effects of the CBDs.

  2. CBD doesn't leave you "stoney", CBD actually cancels out TCH% ; this commentator knows nothing about cannabis, and this video is misinformative

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