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  1. Thank you Dan, thank you for sharing this, even if I couldn't capitalize on it.
    Also I'm trying to reach the morning coverage on archive but not added yet I guess.

  2. Bought TLRY Calls @0.20 and sold them for 0.30 45 min later thanks to this video.

    Thanks again for the great trade call outs @DAN!

  3. Hi Dan, offtopic here but id like to try daytrading soon buy i cant seem to figure out what the best broker would be when having low budget ( was thinking about starting with 100-200โ‚ฌ to start practising ) when living in the EU, do you have any recommendation(s)? Thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Disclaimer: I am long TLRY
    Update: significant correlation to sector dump today giving back the morning gains. Overlay WEED 2 min to TLRY to compared the morning moves.
    This means WEED earnings will likely impact TLRY.

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