Michigan, Utah, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin to vote on Marijuana Legislation

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  2. I live in Ohio and even there the pro-pot and NORML people urges Ohioans to vote NO on the legislation because of the potential state monopolies when only ten producers would be licensed to grow and distribute it.

  3. The legalization of pot across the nation is NOT like homo marriage. The former being through direct voting by the people, and the latter by judicial fiat.

  4. ….in Michigan we will be able to grow 12 plants per person, we will be able to carry 2.5 oz. and we will be able to have up to 10 oz. in our home, anything over that can be gifted. No public smoking tho…..but seriously….12 plants per person, that means if 5 people live together they can grow 60 plants. I heard that they wanted to change it to 12 plants per household, but the wording on the ballot is "each individual can grow up to 12 plants" ….so yeah, good time to be a Michigander, lol

  5. Pot legalization seems to be okay because it's not that harmful. But there are some other drugs that are truly dangerous.

    If libertarianism is premised on the trustworthiness of rational and responsible individuals with self-control, should it support the spread of substances and habits that undermine self-control, sanity, and sobriety?

    If there's a drug so addictive that it robs people of self-control and responsibility, then its legalization will undermine libertarianism. While it may be libertarian to allow free individuals to choose to use drugs of their choice, IF the drug robs individuals of free will by addicting them to harmful substances and mindless escapism, then libertarianism becomes pointless because all these addicts no longer possess free will. They've become biochemical mental slaves of harmful narcotics marketed by men of greed. If libertarianism is predicated on free choice, it defeats itself if it champions the promotion of drugs that rob people of self-control and responsibility.

  6. Regardless of legislation, there needs to be some focus on potential psychological effects of smoking pot. It does have negative effects on some users. You don't see anyone saying that it isn't healthy to feel the need to chemically alter your state of mind. Just that being high is just a normal part of daily life that is perfectly safe and normal. And hip and cool, of course.

  7. As someone who doesn't smoke (and has no desire too) I wouldn't mind seeing it legalized, it would let the police prioritize more important things, and would remove a source of revenue from drug cartels that use it to support worse crimes. I think it should be legalized, mostly because prohibition doesn't work and is a waste of resources that encourages black markets.

  8. Pot was legal for a couple of years federally when I was a kid, the supreme court struck down the original pot prohibition, the marijuana tax act, as unconstitutional. Nixon created the narcotics act we have now, and the war on drugs, in a kneejerk reaction rush against legal pot and the high numbers of VietNam vets coming home with heroin habits..

  9. I don't understand why Trump hasn't already federally legalized it leaving the choice to legalize or not to the states.. The states still get to keep it illegal if they want, and Trump gets credit with libertarians and many on the left. It's a win/win.. Ohh well, if he gets a second term maybe he can do it then with no chance of political backlash.

  10. It isn’t illegal for a state to invalidate it was and is illegal for states to go directly against a federal law, a law which I will point out is mandated by international treaty

  11. Millions of us boomers and gen xers smoke/ed weed and have gone on to be employed for decades. It is time to legalize it across the board at the federal level. Note ,as an RN,I cant use it unless it's legal at the federal level.

  12. Although I'm all for decriminalizing drug usage; I'm NOT flat out in favor of total legalization. I do believe the police should leave people alone. But, just decriminalize it.

  13. My only concern is the potential links to psychosis in developing brains of children with pot use. It's so hard to see what is truth and lie in issues like this because you have pot heads and companies wanting it legal. Then you have other companies and moralists wanting it illegal. Therefore I'd vote on the side of caution. Its kinda like the bee thing and pesticides. Still find people denying a connection. Too much disinformation for me to decide. I'm for individual freedom and liberty to a great extent, but don't wish more disorders on our youth.

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