MendoDope Family Farm 9.1.17

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In this short video Mendo Dope takes you on a walk through the garden for the September update. Flowers are forming, resin is showing and its time to finish off …

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  1. theres alot of branches and not much bud on them but they are big, yeild would be better if your pruned them and chopped of te botome few branches so that the whole plant gets enough light, without that your plants energy is getting wasted on trying to grow the branches with barely any light and that means its restricting the energy from going mainly to the buds,seems to me like y'all are in it for money rather than the quality of the buds

  2. Big plants do not put out quality bud. Most of these plants are filled with mold bugs and fluffy mess. Once you grow like this and get stuck with 100s of lbs of low grade herb when the market is flooded you never do it again.. It costs 💰 to grow big plants and at the end of the day the smaller plants will produce much higher quality product.
    If you use spinosad organic and omri certified 60ml/gallon every 7 days spraying from top down inside out thuroughly you will not have any bugs and it cuts down on powder mildew. Can be used up to the night before harvest. Make sure it's used after Complete sunset as direct sunlight will kill the bacteria before it gets to enter the plant it's systemic and lasts for 7 days on for kids and pets doesn't make your product look or taste different and doesn't show up on pathogen tests as it is non carcinogenic.You should never spray in daylight anyways as it will burn your plants.
    Clean out those plants inside.. That's just a breeding ground for powder mildew because it never gets light. When you have a canopy it doesn't matter if you have 10 feet tall plants only the shell of the plant i
    Has flower and of that 30 to 40% doesn't get hardly any light because the plant is a giant shade.

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