Melatonin Melanin and Cannabis

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It took awhile and I apologize but finally..Melatonin,Melanin,and Cannabis how these chemicals interact with cannabis in the human brain.

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  1. If you smoke pot throughout the day, every day, your pineal gland will be deplete itself of melatonin coz it can’t keep up. The. You start not being able to sleep without smoking a bowl before going to bed and even then you stop dreaming, which is telling you that your melatonin levels are very low or non-existent. If you smoke just a little every day, like a few hits a day, this will probably not happen.

  2. I am a graduate student at the university of Tiffin. I am in my second year in Clinical Psychology. I enjoyed your video. I would like to extend my hand to assist you in your journey of understanding pineal gland secretion. You will find upon research that there is much scientific data that marijuana acts as a protect-ant of healthy brain cells . You even stated it, lol that marijuana showed an exponential increase in secretion. This study was based off of people, no need for rat evidence that challenges it. Those comparisons can not be drawn, we are not talking about the same species. With that being said we can move the the future of research. My graduate paper on a research study is coming up soon and my research study while test psychic abilities, brain activity, and health vitals. Subjects will engage in activities that will serve to maximize their secretion levels. The Ancient Egyptians or Afrikans used these methodologies to reach a higher consciousness. They had technologies that far exceeded modern day technology, how ever those things that promote pineal activity are not legal. The methodologies of the United States is aimed to minimize melanin secretion. Consider contributing factors of why we only use ten percent of our brain.

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