Medical Cannabis (drug) and Multiple Sclerosis: What does Science Say?

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In this video I discuss Medical Cannabis (drugs) and Multiple Sclerosis. It was recorded during a live CME presentation (3/2019) for MS providers. I hope you …

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  1. There was a very interesting occurrence once I stopped using cannabis sir. I thought I'd share it with you so you have an understanding from an MSer who has first hand experience with it. Well the very first day I stopped was nice and I felt extreme clarity in my mind. I had to actually thank you here on youtube. But six days into not using any cannabis at all I started to feel super extreme fatigue. Oh my goodness sir I was literally shut down to where I couldn't think at all nor perform any daily activities. It was a gradual increase in fatigue as the days passed. I couldn't take it and just ingested cannabis again. As soon as It hit my blood stream the fatigue became totally manageable and I felt instantly better. I actually went to cut the grass because I felt so great. Oh but I paid the price the next day though and slept through my birthday. I believe the method of ingestion through vaporization leads to cognitive difficulties but the benefits were too great for me to stop. I'll just be careful with the threshold from now on and test my body to balance it's use. We just need doctors to be able to study this plant and it's benefits for multiple sclerosis to come up with a way to have a medicine that is totally balanced and benefitial.

  2. Hello Dr. Boster
    Thank you so much for your expertise.. I am newly diagnosed and still trying to work.. I am currently using copaxone… I would like to know from you or anyone viewing if CPD helps with numbness and or cognitive abilities?

  3. Hi Aaron I'm doing a research paper on how medical cannabis can help MS patients, could you site your sources so I can look through them? And maybe answer questions I may have on the subject?

  4. I looked into Sativex but discovered it was very expensive and not covered by my health care plan (Canada). I chose to Vape when I wanted it which is now not very often. I’m currently taking Gabapentin (600 mg 3 times daily) which I find extremely helpful. It completely solved my problems with spasticity. My last prescription was at zero cost.

  5. I love watching your videos! I’m wondering tho, how cannabis is flushed out of your system. Does it effect a person’s liver or kidneys? It is now legal in SC to purchase CBD (only) oil that is heated and smoked. I have thought about trying since the winter has been so rough and I have gone a bit bassackwards bringing many spasticity issues. The long route of PT exercises & stretches will bring me ‘up to speed’. However, like everyone, I’m looking for a shortcut. Lol
    Thanks Dr B.

  6. From 2014 i smoked ganja 3 or 6 joints a day til 2017 sir. This helped me in my MS symptoms like (bladder or bowel problems), lack of sleep, eating food. Ya smoking weed helps a lot had serious after '18 🙁

  7. ~ *This guy just continues to surprise u every time.
    Well,he has done the work yet again…
    (as I find this very important ,for it doesn't apply to my self personallyas a m.s. patient. But I'd be a fool to not see how important it is to the whole world of the m.s. community.,)

    ~ As This just might be something U may want to write home about, as times are a changing, he has somehow just be able to find the very right note,to display just that.

    ~as the idea of greatness is very much displayed here,for it is sometimes how u make a patient or audience understand fully, n when it's a patient as a generization, I find that as important, especially for some of us, who struggled 4 so long, u have she'd a educational light 🌠, a beaken, where we have only seen a darkness in this disease for so long. And when it's a doctor who also benefits, well that speaks volumes. my opinion of course.

    ~I think we can all fully see and very much appreciate the transparent nature of the dedication displayed by this man, of this doctor. And to his many peers who sat in that room,

    I find it a honor to be blessed with this content, thank u to all who attended.

    Dr. Arron boster🌝

    you,thank u very much.


    DIVINE ✍️🐣

  8. I take Marinol 10 mg 3 times a day and I can tell you from personal experience that the synthetic does not do near as good as the real thing. The pharmaceutical industry is forgetting that THC needs CBD to work properly. They both help each other. I also did the CBD oil but with the synthetic THC the CBD did not work as well. I think it is due to the fact the THC is synthetic so the CBD did not recognize it like it would the natural THC. The one side effect of Marinol is it can be 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside but you will be freezing to death. It helps the brain fake out the MS and heat triggered symptoms( I found that fascinating) so in summer could be a benefit to those of us that suffer from the heat due to MS. My heat related symptoms did not show up when I was at the stage the marinol caused the freezing symptoms. Interesting to say the least. But there is something about the Natural CBD not recognizing the synthetic THC. When I smoked the real thing ( back in my younger days of course lol) it helped me in more ways than the synthetic. Maybe something to look into as to why. Love the video very informative. I was diagnosed in 2011, after looking through my medical records the doctors came to the conclusion I had it when I was 23 or 24. All those years I was dismissed instead of being listened to. I had MS both sides of my family, I had Irish, English and Scottish heritage and other factors. I just wish this more doctors would educate themselves on the newest findings in MS, instead of going by what they were taught 20 years ago.

  9. You sir are a life saver. Thank you for your hard work every single day. I have quit using cannabis altogether for my back pain due to this information you presented. My cognitive ability has been fully restored! I feel so much happier even though I am in pain now. It's a very good trade off but I do hope the future holds more on creating effective medicine using our cb receptors. I've tried many other pain medications and nothing came close to cannabis for some reason. Ah well..have a great day sir. Grace be with you always.

  10. Appreciate you sharing, as always. Q: Before I ask my questions, please note that I am neither for nor against the use of a Full Spectrum cannabis for medical treatment. Neither am I a medical professional. My goal here is to educate myself. In this lecture, you spoke of clinic trials in which there was no comparative (please forgive any ignorant use or twisting of your eloquence) trial created between say, cannabis verses baclofen. My question is: When the FDA approves drugs such as baclofen have they been trialed against comparatives? My limited and the admitted ignorant knowledge of drug trials has always been that there is only a comparative between drug verses placebo. Could you address this, please, to increase my understanding of drug trials in general?

  11. Dr. Boster, you are a ray of sunshine for all of us. I really found this presentation informative. Your lecture was clear and easy to understand. Thank you for allowing us to see it. …………. I appreciate your zest.

  12. Thanks for your educational talks,I also watch you often on MS Views and News. Always consistent with supporting your talks with facts. I will not smoke anything just to nervous and I've read in some people it speeds up brain shrinkage. I'll ask in your next Q&A. Enjoyed this greatly!!

  13. Dr B I was given the pills after 5 years of the doctors asking me if I wanted it. I finally gave in I got dizzy to the point of almost passing out and I was throwing up. I never got high in my life and this was a experience I never want to go though again.

  14. The other day I posed this question to the members of my Women with PPMS group:
    IMAGINE: You have the opportunity to speak to a graduating class of MS Neurologists. What would be the most important advise you would like the to take with them from your speech?

    I have been really thinking of what “I” would desperately want them to take with them from my speech…

    ”Yes! Your time is precious! More precious than you can ever imagine. So too is your knowledge. Use them both wisely and with compassion. Treat each patient as if they were your child or your parent, for most of them will have or will soon loose that connection to communicate with family (for a multitude of reasons)as their nerves loose connection to communicate with their mind and body. Always remember that in PPMS depression is real, the journey is long, and they are looking to you to assist them on the way. Be there for them.”

    What do you think? Is this something you would share with a graduating class? I notice that this is a heavy topic for PPMS warriors who don’t have the hope that comes with remissions. Some have even said that they can’t even get in to their Neuro because they don’t have a DMT plan for their PPMS and they feel like they are left alone to suffer their symptoms.

  15. Hi Dr. Boster!
    Thanks for the information. I appreciate you addressing the
    topic of Cannabis. I have been taking a high quality CBD oil
    for my MS symptoms for almost a year now and it has
    literally given me a better quality of life. I feel like I have
    my life back!!!! 🥰 I will never be without CBD oil.

  16. Thank you so much for this information. I live in Florida and have my medical marijuana card. I take indica (oil in a syringe) at night because it helps me sleep. Prior to the indica I would wake every night at 3 am and I was up the rest of the night. I still wake up (bladder issues), but I am able to fall back asleep. For me this has made a world of difference.
    I tried to take sativa during the day once and it was a horrible experience. It actually exasperated some of my symptoms. So for now, I will stick to only taking it at night.

  17. I should've watched the whole video before I posted. At least you tried. You need to go to Israel and look at there studies on this plant where they aren't as restricted as our gestapo is on censoring this plants research.You and your colleagues need to protest the DEA's limiting of research that can be done on this plant and study the raw use of it as a medicine..

  18. Spasticity… What a disgusting problem. I wish Savitex was available in my country. I ate a marijuana brownie the other day, first time in my life, and it was a horrible experience. Maybe the THC in it got to me (who knows) and I wonder if it didn't damage something in my brain (could it possibly cause a flare up?). I thought my brain would explode. At some point I thought I would go mad. Bad trip or bad luck, perhaps. I wouldn't try it again. Scary experience. My conclusion is that every body (literally) is different and reacts differently to different kinds of substances, whatever they are: lyrica, baclofen, marijuana, etc. Bottom line, we must learn to listen to our own bodies and see what suits us well and what doesn't). Thanks for sharing this information with us, dr. B!

  19. Using cannabis isn’t just “fun” for patients. It’s provided me and many others with a better quality of life. Don’t be weirded out to talk about it with drs. EducAtion is vital! I’m tired of being treated like a drug addict.

  20. I recently got my Ohio medical marijuana card through my palliative care dr. With cannabis I have over the years decreased my ativan, xanaflex, and tramodol to half of what I was once taking. I’m hopeful for more progress in this area and hopeful the stigma ends.

  21. I have my Iowa patient card but they're just starting here and it's very limited and a far drive to one of few dispensaries. Even then the medicine is way too expensive and unable to afford it. Hope things improve in my home state so I am able to "legally" medicate according to "state law". Thanks Dr.B for all the wonderful videos, they've given me information on things I had to idea about!

  22. You're such an entertainer Doc, love the humor. I've smoked cannabis almost daily for 34 years and have a pretty crappy short term memory sometimes, but my long term memory is unbelievably impeccable. I have found some strains excellent for pain and clarity but I occasionally use the ingested oil of cannabis as it puts the brakes on bladder urgency for weeks on end. 👌

  23. Hi Dr. Boster. What do you know about the efficacy of Low Dose Naltrexone? Have any of your patients used it and with what success? Thanks again for all your videos!

  24. Being a Schedule 1 controlled substance has much to do with available data or limited participants in any trial. And the rest to do with with Patent 6630507 which the NIH first applied for in 1999 after their testing of antioxidant qualities to help in degenerative brain diseases and was awarded it in 2003 so they can control the research and choose who does the testing. And award to any pharma group they see fit as you seem to be fond of or at least see it as the future of this plant that the world over has known has medical value for 5000+ years including us until Harry Anslinger needing something for his boys to do after alcohol prohibition ceased, being pushed by his TX rancher pals as well as his racism and not to mention the increased profits that opium assured in medicine, a plant was demonized out of the medicine cabinet. I'm not a chronic user and despite being anecdotal, I know it provides more than spasticity relief. Also I know despite the available data that botanical engineering does produce strain specific symptomatic relief. I relinquished my CTMMP card due to my total income and healthcare being provided by the federal government so I'm poor but have close farmer friends that could provide fresher than what's on the shelf at a dispensary should need arise.

    Great talk! I watched it all… 😁💩🤣

  25. Even if they're "high and don't care," doesn't that mean they are getting relief? Even if it's a placebo effect, perceived relief is relief… or am I wrong? Also, I tend to think that there have been enough pot smokers, historically, to feel that not many health issues appear to be caused by smoking it. .. or am I wrong again? Pain relief and good sleep are also fantastic side effects. Why take all the fun out of it? *wink Never had the nausea thing, but I will admit that weed never made any smarter. hehe

  26. Thank you Dr. B. I have a difficult situation in regards to MS therapies and all my Drs feel much the same. I am very reactive and I do mean very to all forms of MS meds. I started with Avonex, one time weekly intermuscular injections. Had flu symptoms 6 out of 7 days a week for a year. Became needle phobic. Did not realize how sick I was from that until I went off of it, and could actual regain some of my life back . Was decided by all Drs. Not to go onto any interferon meds. Tried gabapentin, tried baclofen and many others, again serious side effects. Have lots of spasms and muscle pains as well as Transgeminal neuralgia. Been given carbamazepine for Tgm. After nearly 4 months of being on it I am almost up to the standard dosage. Causes me unbelievable leg weakness, which I don't need more of. On Fabripine for gait and spasticity. Done nothing at all for that. These 2 meds worry me as they cause liver and kidney damage. I have been on CBD oil on and off, off right now because of the for mentioned meds. I was prescribed 1.1 thc/CBS drops and just straight cbd drops (oil) I had taken .1 ml of thc about the amount of my little finger nail. Had very adverse effects, hearing voices, dizziness, un believable dizziness and paranoia. Fun times. Fine with CBD. What do you say to someone who has such horrible effects from therapies. My 2 neurologists and family physicians are afraid to prescribe anything to me. It is not just MS meds, it is most meds in general. Is there nothing that is available that won't harm other parts of my body. I am 56 years old, female and feel like my life is not worth it. No not suicidal, just feeling very let down by my body. Not what I was hoping for as retirement years are approaching.

  27. Thank you Dr. Boster for this presentation! I watched the video twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Do you recommend oral CBD oil for your MS patients? I’ve had a few family members pressuring me to try CBD oil but I haven’t seen any scientific data showing what the benefits are. Thanks again for all your MS videos!

  28. I would like to see a study comparing CBD to
    Opiates in relieving pain. In particular Tramadol vs CBD. I was taken off a low dose (100mg daily) of Tramedol that I used for 8 years due to the "opiate crisis". Been in consant pain ever since and spend more time in bed. Can't tolerate Baclaphen .sorry if my spelling is off

  29. Excellent lecture Dr. Very interesting to me, as I’m in California and have been using medical marijuana for a few years now. I appreciate the scientific explanation for how it works. Here’s my anecdotical observation. I use an inhaled, vaporized version. Usually only at night if my pain and/or spasticity prevents me from sleeping. Occasionally in the daytime if I’m having a really bad day. Previous to using marijuana, I was taking .5mg of Xanax to enable me to calm enough to maybe get some rest. Since I started vaping, I’ve not had to use the Xanax except while on vacations away from California. I guess I was my very own personal trial. With PPMS, I decided that to improve my quality of life, this was worth the risk. I guess the outcome was worth risking the unknown. I feel the same way about my year & a half (and counting) experience with Ocrevus. I know another PPMS patient that refused Ocrevus because of his fears of adverse effects. Instead he bet on the Wahls diet and exercise, both good approaches, I believe. More so for quality of life but not disease modifying. Anyway, he is now in a pretty bad situation with his disability and I’m thriving (relatively speaking). I know that each case is different, but I guess I’m saying that I’m willing to try almost anything to keep me going.

    Once again, I thank you SO MUCH for all that you do to help us along in this journey. We appreciate you tremendously!

  30. Glad you got this video on here. The MMJ system here in the great state of Ohio is very immature and in my opinion needs a little revision. I will therefore be waiting until things evolve a bit before I consider getting a "recommendation" card for MMJ. Thanks for sharing this video, Dr. B!

  31. Thanks Dr Boster ! Another very informative video. I just got a prescription for Medical Marijuana ( I live in Canada though so available everywhere) I am very interested in the sativex . I have been trying to find something for spasticity with CBD oils and I am just beginning to explore this avenue.

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