Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 4/1/2019 by

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  2. Thanks for the videos, I'll do some more homework on my tickers here. I'll jump on trading view and get the names, I just couldn't find the company name or ticker when I was on Etrade here.

  3. Hi Dan, maybe you want to have a look at #CANN #HERTF ? If I'm not long on the daily timeframe there is a cup and handle from mid-oct till Feb and a larger one from mid-march till now ? Blue sky breakout to come ?
    And that you so much for your videos !

  4. Dan, is there any drawback to playing the Canadian tickers vs the US OTC tickers if I'm in the US? Bought some CWEB today on the ATH breakout and realized only after listening to your comment early in this video that there are alternatives (i.e. CWBHF) that are US OTC. Not sure if it matters though.

  5. Fantastic video! Super pumped for LABS and will also be taking profit tomorrow.

    For people not wanting to learn the ticker names… kind of outrageous. Learning those names is a tiny portion of the work you have to do to have success trading.

  6. I love the speed of these videos Dan. Being a beginner, at first it was hard to follow, but I would open Trading view, just like you mentioned and followed your video to memories the tickers and company names. The new thing i do, is my own Tech analysis with Trading view, then watch your video. This allows me to confirm my analysis with yours and builds up my confidence.

  7. Dan who are some of your favorite mj news sources. I have a note that NY was supposed to vote for legalization today but cant find news, so I think it was a mistake. As always, have to say, thank you so much for everything you do. You rock!

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