Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/28/2019 by

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  1. No way… I didn’t know that till now. I feel so enlightened now thank you! 🤣 your a pumper I get it. And btw your voice you do know that you need to lay off the tofu. It causes higher estrogen levels. ✌️

    You realize that your click gives the video a view, and your comment increases its visibility to other people right?
    Both give it higher rankings on youtube… so thank you.

  2. Makes me feel better to know that even a seasoned trader makes mistakes sometimes. I just started day trading recently and made one of those mistakes yesterday. I bought 1000 shares and thought I sold them all a few minutes later but turns out I only sold 100. It worked out though because it went up a few more cents before I sold the other 900.

  3. Hey I'm curious, on Trading View how do you set it up so that it shows values of highs and lows along the chart? For example at 6:32 there are a bunch of values listed above the candles, how do you turn that on? Thanks

  4. Got filled on CVSI at 4.84 on the dot, prime example of why to scale could have easily just missed, (my bag isnt big enough to scale yet 🙂 IMO ) butt got lucky and it hit at exact bottom of that move lol

  5. Are you planning on letting $MPX go before the bonus shares get unlocked and announced likely next few days? Protect capital but would this be a company you would consider actually holding a core. I am 🙂 Once those shares get locked them back to trading MPX.

  6. Everyone has said it, but I'm piling on. I sure do appreciate all his time giving us these videos, daily, with a lot of good info, for free. Dan's work ethic and coverage far exceeds anything else you'll find on YouTube. Dan truly is the man

  7. Please thumb the like button for such a good analysis of so many tickers from Dan, he brings this to us everyday, I watch he's every video with many thanks! Be aware that dark cloud cover pattern is likely coming on this week, don't be hesitate to sell everything if mj sector gap up open hard. If you want to buy the dip with fib, make sure you use weekly chart

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