Marijuana Stocks Crash! The Stocks I Bought Today-THE SCOOP-Mickey Dee

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  1. Ok, I have a question!! With these Canadian pot stocks & lots of Mergers, I am concerned with Canadian money vs. USD. When Canada makes a merger, they buy out in Canadian money, of course, which leaves me screwed in USD. Am I making any sense? Example would be, I believe, when Hypothecary was bought out, it was ok in Canadian money, but I lost a little money in USD due to the conversion between USD & Canadian. How in the world do ppl avoid this?!! I may buy into a Canadian co. I really like, then they are bought out & I lose money…ugh!! ( Sorry for the long post, but I'm sure others have or will run into this problem!!)Thank u in advance for ur help!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, for someone new to investing in marijuana stocks, how much or how many stocks do you recommend starting your portfolio out?

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