Marijuana Stocks (CGC WEED ACB CRON APHA TLRY) Cannabis MJ Chart Analysis for Today – April 15, 2019

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  1. too many rubbish in mj space, rip for the shorts of BMMJ you guys picked wrong one to short… learn the lesson and short the pump and dump scam like NRTH next time, REKT!

  2. thanks to you Jordan I am learning to read 5 min and hourly candles. I almost sold the high of Bamm at $2.46 but got greedy and missed out. Thank you so much !

  3. My only hope lays in ACB. I heard the CEO say their goal was to produce weed for $1 per Gram. That is a worthy goal !. But in 4 weeks they took $35 out of my pocket. That is really sucky. I should have put it in e.l.f. LOL

  4. My bet is within 5 years people will learn that outdoors is the place to grow marijuana. Just like tobacco all the profits will go to taxes. More people then tobacco will be growing this in the garden.

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