Marijuana Magic: The Floating Ganja Tree

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The first “Floating Marijuana Tree” chainsawed at the stalk levitates over this 600 gal Smart Pot with only the caging holding it from collapsing on itself.

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  1. you guys are very inspirating to me, i wanna move to a place like  your where i can grow some fucking TREES, cheer from abitibi-témiscaming in québec

  2. They cut a 6 " block from the base, just 2 days to a week before harvest, this shocks the plant, producing an adrenaline effect, also like a steroid effect for the plant/finishing buds, awesome idea, better than staking it up, also for being in a bag/pot that plants a fucking BEAST!! Great job guys, you're the SHIT, MAD PROPS!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's why marijuana plants(look like Oak) can replace wood, it also threatened the alcohol lumber tobacco potential metal(Henry Ford Motors) an oil industrys. at one point in history thus why marijuana became illegal(Reefer Madness)……

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