Marijuana and Testosterone – Does Weed Affect Your Gains?

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Does Marijuana affect your testosterone levels? In this video i give my view on this subject. I believe weed will not affect you from building muscle in the gym, …

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  1. I actually wanted to know exactly what weed was doing to my hormones. So I started smoking weed daily for 4 months. Took a blood test and my T came back at 257ng/dl….then I stopped smoking weed for an entire month. Took another blood test and my test came back at 849ng/dl. Everyone is different but for me personally weed fucks with my hormones like crazy..after a month off of the ganja I felt so good to. More energy and a crazy high libido.

  2. For me it helped a lot as a person that struggles to eat ,once I discovered the munchies putting on mass was not a problem

  3. Nah bro, telling from experience it reacts differently with everyone. I personally saw changes in testosterone and saw gyno changes with excessive use of cannabis. All on genetics.. you're ripped and pushing alot or T you wouldn't see any changes

  4. Hey man I tested my testosterone when I was a heavy weed user, I had two tests 4 weeks apart and the results were 7 and 7.5! That's a testosterone level of a 90 year old! But it didn't effect sex drive as weed always made me horny! Then I quit weed and after six months of no weed my testosterone level was 22, so in my experience it definitely effects testosterone levels, but weed effects everyone different.

  5. shave that fucking beard, to be more presentable, it makes you look uncivilized, and also stop smoking that shit, it does not affect your test level but definitely gives you sleepy eyes and a huge punch in the brain power!

  6. Once you get to the point where you smoke er day it gets to the point where you gotta be pretty damn baked just to eat! So I think the biggest problem with weed and lifting, is getting a tolerance to the pot.

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