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What exactly is the connection between marijuana and Aghoris? Is Marijuana good or bad (Spiritually speaking) ? Should you be smoking marijuana to advance …

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  1. Let me give you another better way. Keep eyes open pick a spot only one object. Now use your mouth to breath in and out is one. Breath 15 times and on the last out breath hold while focusing on the object with eyes open. If you feel like blinking please blink but make sure to keep your focus on the object. I mean really focus on that one object while breathing. Now when you hold on the last out breath while focusing on the object your brain will start to hack itself. Don't be afraid when the hacking starts. The more sets you do the deeper you go. Open eye meditation to me is the best. You will definitely get results. Its all about focusing. Try this and get back to me. Please make sure your back is straight and upright. Quiet your mind. This works. But don't be afraid when you start to go deep. Fear is the only this that will make you not go deep cause you will stop the process with your own hands.Plus the breaths must be deep and fast that's why you will breath with mouth open. Fast in and out breaths. The more breaths you take before you hold is the more high you get. The eye focusing will really change your brain frequency in a way you are not use to so don't be afraid. Go through with it with confidence. The more you do it the less you will fear. Please understand this way and try it

  2. Your opening statement is arrogant and flat out wrong. To come right out and accuse your viewers of being liars. Just, wow dude. Self-righteous much?

  3. Several Recreation drugs along with Lsd's are often abused for many spritual and psychedelic reasons( like spritual consciousness, a state of wellbeing, euphoria, etc ) in india. Which should not be there because A drug is a drug Drugs are addictive, harmful, and dangerous to the health.
    Why there is a need to take support of these pschydelics, spritual enhancers, euphoric, and hallucination causing drugs. This is not sprituality in real sense. Because it comes from inside, and not from the outside.
    Drugs that has devastating effects, that is threat to humanity, it could never help a person to attain sprituality.
    Infact, sprituality is attained intrinsically which is beyond body's physiology, psychology, and chemistry inside brain.

  4. I love weed. It does help me when I'm considering deep questions and introsepcting, and finding things that I ought to change about myself or do better in my daily life. But I've always found people who say it's for spiritual reasons to be pretentious, they're just as bad as the people who abuse it in my opinion.

    Then again, I don't even believe in spirituality, so.

  5. Great video! Have you ever heard of the "cylinders of the Pharaoh'? They will take your meditation to the next level! Very interesting made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz crystal when held produce up to 1.5 volts sold on amazon and etsy for only 29.99

  6. This is false. Naga sadus are devotees of lord Shiva and he is the cannabis God in Hinduism. Naga sadus do not consume alcohol either. They consume so much cannabis because devotees of lord Shiva believe that cannabis is a gift from God and raises higher level of consciousness.

  7. The amount makes the difference. For activating your kundalini energy it needs only a very small dosage of sativa, in an optimal use combined with damiana, rosemary and green frankincense (if possible add tagetes lucida). Only the tip of the pinkie finger is needed to push your kundalini. This let you meditate on a high energetic and vibrational level. So marihuana can be very useful for spiritual practice even "todays" marihuana. From todays marihuana you just need much less thats the only difference.

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