1. "He who doesn't have sin should cast the first stone". No one is forced to take these drugs against their own will. I smoked marijuana before and have quit it on my own as well. It's has been 10 years now since I lastly smoked marijuana.

    This is a natural herb which grows naturally. If it was bad then God would have not created it. We have been commanded to take charge of the universe therefore I don't see any wrong doing when someone is smoking marijuana. Don't confuse Marijuana with other heavy drugs that are manmade. When you categorize natural with genetically modified then you have your sensibility.

    Legalize marijuana, let he who wants to use it do so. There are many people who commit crimes but they aren't marijuana users. Most car accidents are caused by alcohol but not by marijuana.

  2. The police supposed to arrest all those culprits as we all know who bring in Cannabis in Namibia, they are trying to mislead our Namibian people.thanks for the kharas police for confiscating the cannabis worth almost N$2000000.

  3. These who support that drugs are not serious in our country Namibia people let's stop compering things that not coperable.OTher why's this country will be in mass one day.

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