Man found dead near large marijuana haul

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It was a large seizure of Marijuana, an estimated twelve million dollars’ worth, taken into possession by the Gwinnett County Police Department. Police know …

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  1. Don't worry, it will hit the streets. Only a few states will tell you when they destroy drugs. The others take some for themselves and sell. I have seen it done before many times. That was a lot of weed!!

  2. They breaking it down as dimes bags and 20 bags and quarters. They giving price of it being sold in small small amounts. That's why they say street value.

  3. IS EVERYONE GONNA IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY SAID 500 POUNDS OF MARIJUANA IS WORTH 12 MILLION??? 24000$ for pound lmaaooo that more like cocaine

  4. 'Estimated to be about 12million' weed ain't got no price tag,,, This woman had a micro stutter on the hand she wears her wedding ring, She flicks that wrist at the same time shes talking about money lol. A sociopath cop would love the biggest fattest ring she could get, might as well make her a jail keeper and give her a real ring that holds keys lol.

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