MAKE DABS AT HOME! Easy Hair Straightener Rosin Tutorial

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We’re getting back to the basics and showing the easiest way to produce dabbable wax at home using only buds, parchment paper, and a hair straightener.

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  1. Can you use a flat iron so that you can press more bud at the same time or is it best to do it in small amounts at a time as you have done here?

  2. So I can spend 35 for an 1/8th of top shelf and then maybe 45 min or so to do this for a half gram of wax. OR I can buy a gram of wax for 30. Hmmm 🧐

  3. I'd buy an oz and do this with a portion of it. So when you press the bud your turning off the straightener to drop the temp and keep your roz from burning? And also could you fold the squashed nut and press again in attempt to extract alittle more? One more question…could you smoke the smashed bud after? Hope I hear from ya thanks for the vid yo!

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