Mainstream to marijuana | Pete Kadens | TEDxBucknellUniversity

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An eye opening talk on the socioeconomic repercussions marijuana illegality has had on homeless and minority populations. Kadens explores the potential …

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  1. So eating 10 potatoes can kill me — but I would have to eat 1500 pounds of marijuana to kill me — So by that logic would you feel more comfortable with me driving your kids to school after eating a full plate of potato skins at Applebees or smoking 1 blunt?

  2. TBH i think over the counter meds like benedryl are stonger than weed.. Benedryl or diaphenhydramine which is motion sickness pills.. and they can actually hurt you or make you wreck your car..

  3. damn, i always said felons are treated unfairly.. Its like getting the scarlet letter.. Your never looked at any differently than a felon.. ANd alot of people just happend to make a mistake when theyre young.. Then the rest of their life is screwed.. Its why so many felons end up back in prison or commit suicide.. suicide is high among felons..

  4. The only thing criminal with cannabis is it's continued prohibition from the government.  Its a god given, natural, medicinal herb everyone should have access to.  50,000+ products can be made from the cannabis plant.  Free the weed please.

  5. in 1968 when I was a teenager, I was aware that those who drank ("boozers") were noisier, more aggressive and violent than those of us smoking weed ("stoners"). While they were yelling and fighting we were giggling and laid back. Alcohol is a lot more destructive than cannabis. There are liquor stores all around my city; cannabis is illegal.

  6. This successful Bucknell graduate hits us with the discrimination/life ain't fair for minorities BS. If he really wanted to legalize pot, he would talk about how many college educated whites have had their futures tarnished because of marijuana charges. Sell to the audience that can actually make changes to the law, not the people that already agree with your viewpoints.

    How can you justify legalizing a drug because the people that willingly chose to break the law by dealing drugs have had to face the consequences? The high level of incarceration of minorities vs. whites has a lot to do with the environment that many minorities and lower income individuals were raised in. An environment where dealing drugs is an easier, more lucrative way to make money than the opportunities that are available without a degree.

    Drugs are used to escape reality. They might be beneficial for some, but I am willing to bet Marijuana has killed more dreams than it has created.

  7. Thank you Pete for giving people second chances, you are the true embodiment of altruism. Pete delves into the unexplored, real, socioeconomic implications of the drug war. A space that is often too uncomfortable to be talked about. I think the key idea that we need to get from this video is "if done right." It is so easy to criticized and demoralized people with visions, but I'll challenge the YouTube community to do something outside their comfort zone: give praise.

  8. *Rolls eyes Yet another person on the internet wanting marijuana legalised. Drugs affect poor people more so of course banning them would. If drugs are legal like alcohol they'll be made as much and consumed as much and people's health will suffer as much. Legalising drugs because alcohol is legal is 2 wrongs make a right logic.

  9. This guy must be a shill for the alcohol industry……which is in direct competition to marijuana if it is legalized. Alcohol does vastly more damage than marijuana. Medically, alcohol lowers inhibitions and brings out violence in many while marijuana merely relaxes people. Marijuana does not precipitate marital abuse but alcohol does (among many other evils). This man has an emotional or financial interest here as he is being intellectually dishonest.

  10. I would be curious to hear his opinion on other illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Whether he believes possession of those substances should have these repercussions.

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