Linda Pepe Treats Her Dog's Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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  1. I've been treating my 9 year old rottweiler's osteosarcoma and hip dysplasia with cannabis oil that has a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD for the past 6 months now. I started with giving him about 2-3 mg of the oil twice a day and have now slowly worked my way up to about 15-20mg twice daily.

    It's truly amazing what one little tiny drop (approx 3mg) of cannabis oil does for my dog. Within 10 minutes he is eating and drinking EVERYTIME and then asking to go out for a nice stinking healthy turd afterward too! This miraculous medicine, which I made myself, greatly eases the chronic pain Embro has been living with for the past 7 years from his hip dysplasia.

    I could up his dose a lot more I'm sure but I needed the starting material first to make more oil. He has had hip dysplasia since he was less than a year old and up until now could not go far and just swim really. Since administering him the cannabis oil orally about 4 months ago (May of 2016) he has been eating like a champ and very mobile now; it really helped with his hip dysplasia!

    After I started using the oil right on his toe at the tumor site it got like 3-4 times the size of the rest of his toes and his nail had already fallen off early and never grew back. He also has a few tumors on his chest, one of them the size of a tennis ball but the vet says it's just a fatty tumor. I spent the summer applying the oil directly to the tumor site and it worked amazing to fight off infection and inflammation but after 6 months I come to realize the toe still needed to be removed.

    The did some test on the toe and confirmed it is osteosarcoma. They advised me that they think they got it all and he'll be fine. I'm sure the 6 months of having oil directly on that tumor site as well as orally before removal of the tumor certainly help isolate and kill off some of those cancer cells.

    I've attached a few good articles worth checking out here have look!

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