Legalize Weed So We Can Stop Talking About It

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Is there anything worse than hearing someone lecture you about making pot legal while you’re smoking with them? It’s like being trapped in a ‘Now This’ video.

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  1. Actualy Bacon ist a Fukin Identity and People Just Go somewhere Just to Drink Alkohol and Talk about what Alkohol they Like Best. Even though ITS legal

  2. I hate how Americans forget the 10th amendment and think we have to settle everything in DC!

    The 10th amendment says ANY power not expressly given to the federal government in Washington DC, by the constitution, is a power given the the states. Last time I check there was no amendment banning weed, or abortion, or gay marriage but also no amendment expressly leagalozing weed, or abortion, or gay marriage

    So why don't we leave it up to the states so everyone's happy? If California wants weed, abortion, and gay marriage then more power to them! They can have it all as long as they let other states ban those things if they chose

    The 10th amendment basically says whenever 2/3 of Congress can't agree on something (because that's how many votes you need to pass a new amendment) then the issue goes to the individual sate legislatures and they settle it there.

    How does that sound to everyone?

  3. It is way over hyped and having it illegal makes it taboo and keeps the hype going. Hollywood does not help either. It is a proven fact from studies done in Amsterdam that when treated like tobacco it has as much use as well tobacco…

  4. You guys need to make up your minds. A few years ago, you made a video avout why to NOT legalize weed. What are you going now? Making a video about why TO legalize weed.


  5. Sorry potheads, you are all losers. It has been proven to lower IQ in teenagers (and let's be real, this is when people smoke pot). The simple fact is my IQ is higher than yours because I don't smoke it. I'm a winner in life, you are a loser who can't make it through the day without getting high. If you want to be a loser who never amounts to anything, feel free to toke up.

  6. "It doesn't look great that the only one you wanna talk about, is the law governing your hobby."
    I agree wholeheartedly, we should just get it over with and remove the age of conse–what?
    …Oh, that's not what we're talking about?
    Pedobear withdraws coolly.

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