Legal high from moss better than medical cannabis? History, Biology, Synthesis of THC, CBD & PET

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Hey guys, I’m back with another video! This time, we will cover the basics of cannabinoids. We’ll discuss the history, biochemistry, pharmacology and total …

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  1. Another excellent video, only two things I would improve on would be the microphone quality and (I would say better visuals but I know that takes a ton of work and is usually available to big channels with more capital!)

  2. Why did the Kim synthesis demethylate the phenols, iodinate then reprotect the phenols? Did iodination not work well with the methoxys?

  3. Man I am thankful that I found your threat on /sci/, because you channel seems to be pretty good, keep the work up. But may I ask one question? I am total beginner in molecular biology/biochemistry, where should I start gathering knwoledge. Any books you could recommend?

  4. Nice video, however I would've liked if you also talked about the Shmakozi Theorem in regards to the point you make at 6:37 . Still a very nice video though!

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