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Gary is still out and …

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  1. Wow!!! Nothing but whites!!! White girls whiteboys! Geez!!! How about some diversity you prejudice faggs!!! You white people are definitely trying to keep black people out of the cannabis industry! But I’m coming! I promise you that!!!!

  2. In may 2018 I be in Las Vegas!! I am from the Netherlands. Little more than a hour drive from Amsterdam. But in my city (Nijmegen) we got Coffeshoos too…Its pritty normal for us….Can I Buy weed in Las Vegas when i am from Europe???????

  3. Wtf we really should push the issue about people smoking cigs in public and stinking up the whole damn hotel room or at a theme park were i have to fucking walk right by the smoking section to get to a ride with my kid. This country is so fucked up.

  4. Just got back from Las Vegas and really enjoyed having the opportunity to purchase some legal marijuana. Weeeed!! I was 50mg into a cheeba chew within 3hrs of landing and all the action and excitement of the casino was very entertaining. Best people watching ever!

  5. hey Gary, just some info on those wireless mics, If you point them to the ground and not have them pointed towards your mouth, they will sound better. Yours was pointed behind you and sounded good, but hers was pointed towards her mouth and it picks up on the 'Popping'. Hope it helps. CHEERS!

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