Joe Rogan Admits He May Be Dependant on Marijuana

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Joe Rogan talks to Brian Redban and Young Jamie about Sober October and he says that he may have downplayed his dependency on marijuana on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Full podcast –


  1. Just to chuck in my 2 cents on the sleep issue. Firstly, as I understand it, being a stoner doesn't stop the dreams occurring, it just means you don't recall them. I smoke mellow weed, but several times a day. I don't often take breaks, but when I do, my sleep suffers for maybe 2 or 3 nights, but then adjusts pretty quickly back to normal. I do relate to the part about your brain overcompensating, and pounding you with what feels like constant dreaming for a while, but that also chilled out pretty quick.

  2. Terence McKenna was actually addicted to cannabis.. he came to this realization during a psychedelic trip.. Terence said cannabis abuse was horribly affecting his life, so then he cut down quite heavily to occasional high level use

  3. cannabis can make it so you have no memory of your dreams/nightmares.. which is the reason works incredibly for reoccurring nightmares of people suffering from PTSD

  4. I also get those nightmares when i'm not choofing, always violent as well, either scumbags trying to kill me or the recurring theme is dog packs attacking me. My sleep is terrible when i'm not smoking the great herb

  5. the w hole dreaming thing when quitting weed is due to the effects weed has on your sleep cycle. you go into restorative sleep, skipping REM, which is why the body kickstarts and intensifies your REM phase when you quit. Its the phase where the brain consolidates and processes information collected during the day. if this is cut short, the body will reclaim that REM phase with a vengeance.

  6. Hey Joe Ive been trying to research the same thing for years now with nothing. But recently read an article about some studies done on how marijuana pushs you into the 4th stage of sleep more where you don't remember dreams as much. Vivid dreams are more in the 3rd stage of sleep. I hope you find this info out as it was bugging me for years now lol.

  7. This isn't you and Ari "off weed." This is you and Ari going through weed withdrawal. Give it another couple of weeks and then see how you are.

  8. no way would he have been as successful if he had been smoking weed regularly since the age of 16, both him and eddie started smoking in there late 20's

  9. Your brain produces enzymes that tells your body how to react.
    Introducing marijuana or thc activates that part of the brain that tells it to produce oxytocin. You get giggly and happy and blah blah blah. It’s not as physically addictive as say something like steroids and definitely not as much as cigs booze coke or heroin, but your body does hit a plateau where it goes “well, this is what normal is, I should produce enough of (whatever) to make it back to normal.” There’s some atrophy but you bounce back much better than from steroids or whatever else I mentioned.

    The dreams are a result of the same kind of endocrine reaction. When you smoke and before bed, your mind really stays quiet. You’re far less likely to have dreams while you’re high than if you’re sober.
    It also partially shuts down your liver. That’s why you shouldn’t smoke while drinking. Because once pot is introduced, the liver doesn’t function as well. So if you have a few drinks, you’re not high, you’re just more drunk than you would have otherwise been. Basically you don’t even get to feel the effects of pot because you get too drunk.

  10. I love weed but I can not smoke ? if I want. Being high is cool but willpower is priceless. Needless to say I don’t have to smoke weed everyday to be happy ?
    Blow trees ?? mothafuckass ?

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