Is Using Marijuana a Sin?

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Don’t miss this important and controversial clip from Next Week with Jeff Durbin. We engage a bit with the marijuana question. Is using marijuana a sin? Dr. John …

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  1. Abuse of Marijuana can destroy lives. It has become a very powerful drug. The THC content is always rising. I know from experience. Started at an early age and it didn't make me smarter, a better person, work harder, get better grades or happier. It's a vice like any other. Once I stopped I realized I was covering pain with a powerful drug. The problem is with the legalization of Marijuana kids are abusing it and it's ruining lives. Medicinal use is a small percentage of the people using it nation wide and worldwide. I don't think pro marijuana is a smart platform. Why not legalize all drugs then? Drug users hurt family, innocent people and everyone around them. It's not a victimless crime. You should know all this as a former drug addict. My dad was a mean drunk that abused me and my brother? Should he have not been punished?

  2. I agree, I also am very firm in believing that if a fellow believer feels this is a sin they should not be ridiculed or mocked, and neither should they be bitter or accusatory. We will all stand before God and be accountable for ourselves.

  3. Well to be fair, Pastor MacArthur wasn’t that off on what he was sayin. Alcohol is a stimulant, not a psychoactive drug like cannabis(which is sometimes under the Hallucinogens category as well).

    Anyways, great videos 🙃🙃

  4. I can tell you 100% that Cannabis is a sin an not of God. I was a grower for 13 years, I had used it for medical and recreational purposes. I used to be 100% for it and after 13 years of seeing what it does, I cant tell you its no good and it is a drug and it does alter your mind. In the Bible the greek word for witchcraft is "pharmakia" which literally means drugs. I used to do other drugs as well including MDMA, alcohol, and Mushrooms. I was also prescribed opiates for injuries and surgeries. Witchcraft in the Bible is also compared to the sin of Rebellion. I was on the fence about this for years, I had seen and experienced medical and recreational "benefits" and I have also seen and experienced the detrimental effects.
    Now cannabis effects may vary from person to person but the common thing it does which no one can deny is increase sensuality. It makes you hungry to the point of gluttony, It makes some people silly, most all people become forgetful and lazy (yes you can fight it and work, still makes u lazy n tired), it is an aphrodisiac. In the new age and occult it is used to enhance visions and open the third eye….most drugs are tied to the occult practices and have roots in pagan religions. While it does help with some issues, it has become a substitute for God. We should be looking to JESUS for our healing, our stress relief and quite frankly just about all our needs. I have seen this stuff very slowly ruin lives, it has a huge potential for abuse and over indulgence. I also used this for medical reasons as a substitute for opiates to deal with nerve damage. I was higher than high 24/7 or i would be in excruciating pain. I had to go to maintain a level of this stuff in my system that was very uncomfortable to manage my pain. I had reached a point of desperation, I went into fasting and prayer. On the 3rd day of obtaining I was healed of nerve damage and delivered from the addiction to it. Several months later I fell back into smoking again. I could write a book on this topic and I probably will at some point. But I can tell you there were multiple curses at work that needed to be broken and I struggled with this cycle for years. Today I can humbly thank JESUS for saving me and giving me the courage to throw away 100k worth of cannabis and when I did this I was set free from several things. Do not be fooled by the "medical benefits" we serve an all powerful, all knowing GOD of the impossible a God of MIRACLES. I challenge you to take a step in faith call on JESUS name, many of us are experiencing pain and sickness because of disobedience and because of active curses in our lives often times passed from generations or imposed on ourselves by judging others or speaking them onto ourselves. We lack much knowledge in this day and age. I pray we al would seek discernment and understanding in this day of deception and doctrines of demons. God Bless you all and If anyone wishes to speak with me on the matter please contact me. If you wish to change my mind don't waste your time…if 100k couldn't change it, neither can you!

  5. — D O P E — is Satanic — JESUS used no dope — He was not a DOPE HEAD — "NO DOPE" — DUMMIES — choose Christ and Jesus ALONE — God allows pain and suffering for HIS reasons — don't be a FOOL !!!!

  6. ok if you need it for medicinal purposes then why not have it controlled. The point missed here is that the promoters do not want any control. Maybe they should think about the kids instead of themselves. (sounds like something I read in the bible)

  7. this is stupid. me thinks he doth protest too much. oh yea… where is the gospel here? from your website "We believe that Christians should be distributing Biblically-centered
    content that brings glory to God and outshines anything that the world
    can offer." mmm… strike 3.

  8. John Macarthur: Pastor Jeff I believe you may have misrepresented the heart of the good Pastor. I heard John speaking to marijuana outside of the context of medical use. The reasonably assumed understanding of his admonition, I believe from listening to him in so many areas of Biblical principles and on this subject, relates to recreational use. The word "sole" or "solely" in his response applies to recreational abuse… as a fellow brother I believe this was his intent. I have never heard him advocate a legalistic point of view. I have never heard him advocate for merciless rules. I can't imagine he would desire to withhold any kind of grace or mercy that would truly help suffering. I'm saddened that you would publicly tarnish this great warrior for the Church and God's kingdom.

  9. Marijuana is a gateway drug. Stop trying to portray this as a innocent drug. There are far bettter solutions to ones medical problems .

  10. People get addictive to pills just by going to a hospital after a injury, if they had the opinion of marijuana I think a lot of people would take that option, just better for you, and it works ? There are many levels of THC and kinds of marijuana that work in different ways! When you go to a clinic! And they will let you know what you need when you tell them your problem! Like chronic fatigue or pain or you can't sleep or you can't relaxe! Whatever the problem is there is a kind of marijuana for that issue !!! Not all make you sleepy or drowsy like alcohol and pills do! God bless they should have it for medicinal purposes for doctors to prescribe to patients in every state! May God bless America legalize , marijuana for medicinal purpose s! Fe d and states level !

  11. Cannabis is a blessing from God. Anoint your forhead with CBD Oil and receive the awakening. God is the Father but the Earth is our Mother. Whom you do not honor. Blind leading the blind. Wake up! All this artificial chemicals and medications are evil. Those who demonize the herb are doing the work of Satan! Thank Jesus for Cannabis!

  12. I have to respectfully disagree on this one from one Major standpoint. We are called to have faith like Jesus calls us to have in which he said he freely gave us to freely give, to heal others by his Holy Spirit through Spoken Word and agreeing with the Holy Spirit . Wine is a far cry from smoking anything, or taking any pills. Once we move away from Jesus is the answer to heal every illness, every attack against our bodies then we are failing in our faith to heal completely which therefore leads people to loose faith in the power of The Holy Spirit that Jesus pours out in us to heal others and thus is why we do not see many people healing in the name of Jesus. I cannot justify anything having power to heal other that Jesus by his Holy Spirit and his spoken word.
    Yes, I can see that this plant has healing properties, as do surgeons and doctors who perform surgery to help people so please hear me out on this side of my view. Our world is fallen so far away from faith in Jesus, understanding about who he is, and not many people read the Bible yet just listen to what others say about what is in the Bible….. so we are just like Jesus said to his disciples, “You of little faith”. But he still loved them, so for those that turn to these other things and they find rest and healing from it I can only look to God and thank him that he doesn’t judge us by our faith in healing but only by our faith in him being the son of God who came down to die for us, and rose again and now gives freely his righteousness to those who have faith in him. But we cannot meet the world in the middle because we see people getting temporary relief from medicine and doctors. Jesus does have the power to heal every illness we face today just as he did when he walked with us together on this earth teaching us, and performing miracles of healing. God said that if we seek wisdom and understanding it will be given to us through the Spoken Word of God, not in the world just because they don’t understand Gods Word. He spoke everything into existence by his Spoken Word, when Jesus healed he Spoke it into existence to those he healed….be healed, your sins are forgiven you. Knowing your sins are forgiven is healing to the body because the power of Sin has no power over you anymore and we have to hold captive our thoughts and actions going forward to make sure what we believe lines up with God no matter how offended we are about our stance on something…… God is our creator and who are we to argue what is right or wrong, who are we to think we can understand God completely and his will, but he tells us he is not a liar, and he will never foresake us.
    Let’s get to the truth of why the world is sick, back then and even more so today. The spoken Word of God isn’t being taught, its snippets of the Bible that are elaborated on by a pastor to his congregation, but how much of that snippet do they really know about, like when was this said, what was going on during that time, how did God work in that situation. Gods Grace is evident in the Old Testament just as much as the New Testament and Jesus came to give us understanding about what is it to live by faith, having a good conscience and what that looked like. People are sick because they believe in the Jesus they hear about or the God they hear about and never seek him, to know him personally through his word, and then once they hear how he died for their sins and they accept Jesus either out of fear or reverence then most are told, Ok now that you’re a Christ follower if you sin anymore then you must ask to be forgiven each time or else you will loose your faith….. or they hear before they’re saved, stop sinning and then Jesus will save you. Well, the truth is, Jesus died for all of our sin, past, present, and future. The Bible says once you hear the truth, and when you believe you receive The Holy Spirit, and the spirit will not leave you. But we miss the part,……when we heard the truth, and when we believed……. so if you didn’t hear the truth then what are you believing, if you heard a snippet of condemnation you are still condemned and under a curse which is the power of sin which leads to death through all illnesses which come upon us from the evil one. So we need to stick close to the Spoken Word of God, have faith in the truth, that we are forgiven when we truly believe in Jesus, and that we are no longer condemned but we are now in good conscience because Jesus has made us righteous before God the Father by his sacrifice not ours, and that he gives us freely his Holy Spirit to those who believe the truth, and we have the power to heal others because he has said so in his Spoken Word. Stick close to the truth and it will not depart from you.
    I am not saying people that use medicine are sinners at all nor am I condemning them, I am just stating the fact (facts don’t care about your feelings, right!….. thanks Ben Shapiro for that one) If Jesus wanted us to loose faith and turn to medicine he would’ve mentioned that when he was here. I love you all and this is my understanding from what I read and understand and again I am not saying people are bad or are sinners for taking medication to alleviate an illness, I’m just saying Jesus can and does remove all illnesses permanently without the need to return to pills or anything else other than him, but he still loves you just as much either way, but he does want us to come to him about everything earnestly first.

  13. as a pastor I am appalled by this moron he shouldn't even be called a Christian he's something but he's not a disciple of Jesus to say that Jesus turned the water into strong fermented wine is totally false and blasphemous this man needs to get right with Christ or he's on his way to hell God help us have some men and women of God that are willing to follow after Holiness and

  14. If anyone has the holy spirit in them they know that marijuana smoking is a sin. Medical marijuana completely different doesn’t get you high. The Bible says we should be sober minded. smoking joints detaches you From reality and the Holy Ghost. Jeff you make me laugh Are you preparing the people to receive the anti Christ.

  15. I am glad you made this video. I would like to remind everyone that none of those pastors- including John MacArthur are not God.

  16. Believer, disabled combat veteran (injuries, chronic pain, PTSD). Finally got off VA pain meds and psych meds. Replaced with low THC higher CBD. Provided the relief without the addiction. I never get high.. two to three hits and that's it.

  17. Hey Durbin the Vermin, since you want to make a joke out of the Christian Church then you'll accept my challenge to a cage fight.

  18. I thought I couldn’t love or respect you more Jeff…mad props for this video. CBD and medical marijuana have helped me immensely with chrones, chronic pain, and thyroid disease. I’m a messianic jew who loves Jehovah and Jesus and follows with all my heart. Thank you for this video.

  19. I personally.dont smoke weed anymore cause. Im permenatley recovering but lemme remind this. To you. Guys bashing… satan cannot create things… god created all… Satan immitates things. Already created by god And tries to decieve us but we know through the first chapters of the. Word. Of god. That god created all sead bearing plants. So i think as long as its not. Abused as in you cant sit around smoling weed all day not doing the works god called you. To Do or using it to completely numb the holy spirit. Which i know. Personally will happen.i.think. it.could be ok i personally think smoking is bad no matter what it is god bless and grace and peace. To all through. Our lord jesus

  20. John 14:28 New International Version (NIV)

    28 “You heard me say, ‘I am going away and I am coming back to you.’ If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I

    Jesus says his father is greater. Boom. Trinity is a false pagan teaching.

    False teacher

  21. Calamus is in our Greek bible and it replaced Kaneh Bosom in the Torah ~ God Most High commanded Moses to have burnt offerings Daily 2x Am n Pm The aroma is described as Satisfying, Pleasing and Food. How is the Aroma of Burnt Wood Food? Because of the Endo Cannabinoid System… Numbers 16:46 outlines the Fragrant Incense and how it stops the plagues and atones for sins. Also, Jesus offered himself as a fragrant offering and Jesus is an Atonement Sacrifice… Jesus is the Branch Zechariah 3:8 and Hemp is the connection to the past. The oldest plant known to man kind and back to Leviticus 19:19 Where God's says only plant your garden with one seed. Watch some of my videos and I can explain more about the seed that saved my life… Because of the Air I breathe… Wait isn't Jesus the Heir???

  22. Interesting thought I just had after watching your video, for THC to be psychoactive active it must go through a heating prosses so maybe we are just not using th plant as it was ment to be used

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