Is Using Cannabis Good For Social Anxiety & Confidence? – Dr. Aziz, Confidence Coach

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  1. Mostly i just use it when im chilling out at the end of the day. Recently ive been having it when im out and about at theme parks and water parks with friends. Ive noticed for 5 mins after i have it im feeling great and am talktative but after 10 mins i get all stifled and feel self conscious and a bit overwhelmed and obviously thats less enjoyable. So there is a downside and often i have more fun without it.

  2. Daily use of cannabis for pro-longed periods, can became a main contributor to anxiety. I think cannabis contributes to paranoia, thus enhancing you anxiety. I'm not against  cannabis in any way but just simply stating my opinion, I believe everyone should have the right to experience it for themselves. From a medical perspective, (smoking), there is nothing beneficial about any type of smoke entering your lungs.  People are simply evaluating whether the benefits out-weigh the negatives.

  3. Cannabis for me, absolutely crushs my self esteem. It does help me to stay calm in some stressful situations, by way of just detatching my self from them mentally, and it stops me from getting angry for a few days after i've smoked it, but I just always have this overwhelming feeling of being worthless when im on it, and that's why I dont smoke it anymore.

  4. I’ve been smoking weed for a few months and I feel super confident! this is normal lol? I don’t get the munchies, although I kinda get ‘slowed down’ if you will. However, the main difference I’ve realised is my huge growth of confidence when I smoke, the only downfall is afterwards once I’m no longer high my self esteem is low again, great! Any feedback would be helpful, thank you:)

  5. On this day I finally realized that shyness is not just a thing that people are born with or become. Now I know/believe that it can be changed.
    The last couple of hours I did some research and found out that thankfully there are people like you who dedicated (part of) their lives to make this change and "wake" people up. I swear I already feel more confident. My lack of confidence has developed so much in the last 10 years (after my parents divorced) that it became a mental disorder. In my country mental illnesses aren't really considered as an illness so people just call me shy, quiet or just someone who doesn't speak much.
    Not much time ago I became 20, I am starting to get independent and I can feel the setbacks of being shy. My life is not in the way it should be. I could achieve so much more. I want to talk to anyone about anything without worrying that the person will have a bad opinion about me.
    I saw you have multiple books about this topic. Which self-improvement book should I start with?

  6. What do you think about pure CBD oil? I've been taking it for a few days now, and has been awesome! it has reduced anxiety, inflammation, regulating my bp, making me feel bliss and helps me sleep great.

    I really think the reason people smoke weed is because of social anxiety and it helps because of the CBD inside the cannabis plant. THC is the very psychoactive part that causes anxiety and paranoia at high doses, which is what I went through in the past. The thing is that today, THC is breed with crazy high levels of THC , when Marijuana should be at a natural balance 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, like how it was in the past.

    What do you think Dr. Aziz??

  7. Like any ''pleasurable'' substance such as alcohol, sweets or more desirable foods and things; movies, games etc, it can POSSIBLY be an added benefit to an individual's experience, especially creative, recreational and introspective / spiritual ones (Note: This greatly depends on a persons tolerance for it and their mental state or condition, as it could trigger lasting / permanent effects on certain internal mechanics of the thought patterns).

    Consumed in moderate amounts (strains today are extremely potent), and with a highly disciplined lifestyle I may say yes, as it can 'inspire' with ideas, concepts and feelings that enhance a user's experience on a deeper level. As the the question suggests, you can possibly see how it might deepen people's connection with one another (or at least the users perception of) in a social context, and heighten your confidence 'IF' you are inclined to be an out going and social person as a minimum requirement. This however is subjective to the users life experiences and awareness of the dynamics involved in such things (Social, recreation, education/learning etc.)

    However as with anything, diligence and awareness is of paramount importance, because if used in a negative social context, or in the presence of negative minded people, it may actually do more harm then good. Also on the other hand, used too frequently it may actually incur penalties on your mind, and trigger an off-set in diminishing returns such as, a lack of desire to want to socialise, laziness, and a possible form of OCD in the way of excessive self-consciousness. It can also certainly exacerbate already present anxiety disorders.

  8. Hey guys,

    I need your help!

    I am doing a sudy for my dissertation, The study is enlitled "Marijuana Associated With Social Anxiety and Mood" from the name you can probably gather What it's about, anyone can take part you don't need to smoker in anyway to do it. Anyways, I've put the link blow – it's a 5 min survey. Drop me a like or a comment if you've done it and feel free to share the post.

  9. Using Cannibus was extremely helpful with my social anxiety and depression. I would use while meditating and it really helped me to relax and explore my thoughts. Habitual thoughts became more obvious and I was able to see the mistakes in my thinking patterns. It has a great effect that helps me get s different perspective about myself. I'm glad I started using Cannibus rather than pharmaceutical drugs with bad side effects .

  10. Depends on the person

    Im pretty introverted and in social occasions weed gives me anxiety, unless i drink alcohol first, then its the complete opposite. Its usually something that i do alone when i need to be in a creative mood.

    Awesome videos as always sir, you really changed my aspect on many many things.

  11. I hate the wacky-tobaccy. It's just another escape, alienating you further from your true Self. Why do I need an artificial high, when I can have my natural high? People are already in a fog/stupor with alcohol and other forms of distraction. Why create more of the same? Driving in an inebriated state is dangerous enough, now people are permitted to drive under the influence of pot, too? So when can have more folks driving around in a brain fog? Not a good proposition.

  12. I’m addicted to weed, I’m surrounded by it. I know weed may have once helped me deal with some problems long ago, it’s now gotten to the point where weed is becoming my main problem. I think quitting weed is necessary for me lol

  13. Face your fears. Cannabis IS NOT the solution, it's a pathetic excuse by weak people and the politicians who want to control them by legalizing it.

  14. I quit smoking last summer and have gained ten pounds actually. Pot made me hyper, so I was always up and about, dancing. Now I just sit on my ass all the time. At least I'm saving money and am not coughing as much as I used to. Pot would make my heart beat a lot faster and I'm already on medication for tachycardia and high BP, so that was kind of counter-productive for me.
    Good topic though and the beard looks good!

  15. Dr by following you video today i talk with a girl and i asked her phone number and she refused but i feel happy cause i can talk to this girl and it makes me so much confident.Thanks man.

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