Is Nicotine Salt Safe? What is Salt Nic?

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What are Nicotine Salts? Is Salt Nic Safe? Nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that’s found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf.

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  1. Great video, first one I have seen and now I am going to dive into your archives. You seem like the exact…and I mean EXACT same type of vapor as me, that being said I hated pod systems but the nic salts just help keep the cigarettes at bay then I found it…you have to try this device. It goes 2-3 days with out charging, 2-3 days on a tank of juice and it just packs the most cigarette like MTL feel for me and if I am right about us being the same vapor user, this will be your jam too. Try the Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Kit. At $30 its worth it to just try it. Just normal freebase, I couldn't fully kick smoking even with the pods and nic salts the same thing although it was reduced more. The minute I got this kit, not one single craving for a smoke and I can finally say I am smoke free after 31 years and there's no way I will ever go back. Victorious vaping for all. Keep the videos coming, you got a real talent for it.

  2. Is smoking safe? Health "experts" in white lab coats say it is.
    Vaping will only be safe once the government has a monopoly on it. Until then, we will see smear campaigns. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  3. I smoked for 15 years and first I tried quit with vape but it didn't give me nicotine as much as my head needs so I came back to cigarettes.

    After a while a friend recommended to be a good pod system with a salt nicotine and since that time I'm using pod system with salt Nicotone and Stopped cigarettes.

    People who talk about danger of e liquid or salt nicotine whatever It is it will not be as danger as cigarettes with hundreds of chemicals inside.

    At least with e cigarettes no bad smell on hands or the clothes and people will not feel disrespected at you.

  4. my first time vape is pod system ,i tested 2 salt 35mg liquid and i dont like it , bcuz i was going for flavor yen i switch to 6mg e juice ,i love it even tho they said dont punt the 6mg to pod 🤣

  5. The guy who makes my juice makes it with salt nic instead of freebase and makes the salt nic level comparable to the freebase. Been vaping 6mg comparatively in my sub ohm setup for the last year and a bit. I’ll never go back to freebase

  6. Great info and explanation. In my sub-ohm devices I use 6mg and sometimes 12mg, but that is very high. In my MTL devices I can go up to 40mg nicsalts. That means that even tiny devices can give enough nicotine to satisfy and I do not have to vape that much which is great for when I am at work. Nicsalts do not hit so hard but still satisfy. I prefer nicsalts for when I am at work or somewhere where I cannot vape a lot or blow massive clouds. At home I will usually use big devices with regular nicotine (freebase).

  7. Tried vaping a year ago had a kanger k pin mini. Found it was too big and leaked just wanted something similar size to a straight and gave the same hit. Recieved a smok infinex and nasty salt asap vape (1%) difference was nuts am very hopeful

  8. "Removing protons from the nicotine." Are you sure about that? Are you sure that the chemical compound nicotine goes through alpha decay? –__–

  9. Are vape salts good in sub ohm tanks? I can only take 6mg juice, so far.

    I'm still new to vaping and I have a luxe nano from vaperesso. I do plan on getting a more powerful mod soon but my nano has been way better than the juul I got previously.

  10. Just found this treasure of a video. I appreciate your time to put this out there. I have used salts and regular and prefer the regular because I use RTA. But salts are nice in a pod too. I have a sourin drop and a mi pod. So definitely a preference for which alot of people can choose now thanks to the great information on this video!

  11. Since 2011 I have occasionally tried vaping on different e cigs with no success. My body just does not like the normal e liquid, it makes me cough too much and irritates my throat while giving me no nicotine satisfaction (even with 18mg). However 2 weeks ago I bought a Smok Nord and some 50mg nicotine salt e liquid and can't believe how amazing it is. I used to smoke 40 a day and now I smoke a maximum of 5 a day. The annoying thing is that I live in the UK and the limit is 20mg nicotine salt so I need to make sure that I have a stock of 50mg nicotine salt while I can get it. The way I see it is even if you use an ecig for the rest of your life it is still a lot better than smoking so for now I don't really care about lowering the nicotine strength, I am just glad there is now eliquid that I enjoy with no harsh throat hit.

  12. So nic salts are impure but just a smoke enhancer, I make my own nic level's depending on what I brew up with vg and high mg nicotine base but it's around 16mg after dilution for daily vape which is very high but I smoke it less.
    I've been making my own liquid's for years for personal use and neglecting the scene as a whole until my mate messaged me about this nic salt stuff, why do you need nic salts for high level nic liquid as I have heard some people claim today on youtube.
    I was perfectly happy with my home made liquid, I must be showing my age, are you saying the nicotine concentrated in the salt is better for you then being suspended in VG???

  13. I started vaping in 2007, traditional "freebase" 48mg, then 36mg for a long time. Once sub-ohm tanks hit the market, I dropped down to 12mg. Now with temp control, I vape 6mg on a velocity style RDA deck, dual coil SS316L, and have been using that setup for about 5 years. . . I tried a friend's pod at 50mg nic salt, the other day, and felt that nic rush that I haven't felt since high school lol. Now I'm researching pod systems, even though I've long been a cloud chaser because that was the most satisfying vape I've had in 12 years. It's definitely more economical vaping nic salts, and the devices are TINY compared to my big fat mod and RDA. I am completely intrigued, even though initially I thought these pod systems were stupid and gimmicky.

  14. I just bought an Eleaf istick it's not a powerful cloud device but it's a mouth to lung inhale that does the trick for me. I smoked for 14 years and now I'm day 5 or 6 without. I bought some salt nicotine juice 10mg/ml 30ml bottle and I haven't even gone through half of it yet. So not only did I quit smoking, I'm not I having nearly as much nicotine, and the cost savings is insane.
    Here in Canada cigarettes are going up and up in price every few months. So just this past 5 days I've paid for my vape and everything with it. 16 dollars a pack and smoking pack a day.. I should be able to buy a new truck Haha. Losing focus, so i highly recommend to anyone that wants to quit smoking to try this out. Its inexpensive and it tastes delicious. I get there isn't enough research into it but it can't be worse than everything in a cigarette.

  15. My husband transitioned to the nic salts recently. He likes the nicotine. When we both started vaping we were using the regular juice at 24mg. Over time I have reduced the mg to 12mg and then abruptly I reduced to 6mg because I was told the reason I couldn’t taste the flavor of the juice was because of the high nic mg I was using. Lately I have found myself more lethargic throughout the day. A few minutes ago I decided to try my husbands nic salts and now I don’t feel like a need a nap anymore. I’m thinking of switching to nic salts during the day and the lower nic at night. Loved your video. Very professional in your presentation and explanation.

  16. Aaron Lewis is a legend 🤘, thanks for the info. Its very helpful for a person like me who just starting to quit smoking. Goodluck with your channel.

  17. does 1mg of salt nicotine contain the equivalent of nicotine that 1mg freebase has? Because there are more compounds than just nicotine it is very possible that only 25% of that milligram is nic. Just a theory but maybe thats why they can get away with putting more salt nicotine into ejuice

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