Is marijuana addiction serious or real? Why I quit marijuana and the weed withdrawal symptoms

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An unbiased view on marijuana addiction, is it real and is it hard to quit marijuana if you’re addicted? First off, two words don’t go together “marijuana dangerous”. It’s not likely to lead…


  1. When he was talking bout what happened when he first started oh my fuck I hated that shit. That happened when I started smoking again after like a month and tried it again. It's all better now. But I never got those withdrawal symptoms.

  2. Def an addictive substance. Ive been addicted since 17 im goin to be 24 this year. Im trying to quit. I stopped for 4 days then smoked then stopped for a day then smoked the next. Its like when the hours come in the morning when I usually smoke, my body craves it and i give in. Now that im conscious of it I feel like i can resist. Im determined to quit. Its taken time and money from me, you dont realize the amount of jobs u miss out on getting because of dirty piss. Im ready to be sober.

  3. I'm addicted like fuck, I literally smoke everyday… it sucks. I need to just go through the withdraw, im 23, shits getting outta hand.

  4. Hard to get into/ hard to get out. NAILED IT! At first it made me feel anxious and Out of it, but once you’re IN. And the euphoria and pleasures of weed kicks in. It’s AMAZING. It sucks you in. I can not tell you how much money I’ve spent on pot. Thousands I’m sure. The anxiety subsided and it feels good. I want to stop. I used to do facials and crawl around my bedroom floor looking for roach buds when I l’d run out and now I only smoke about 5-6 Pulls from my sister’s blunts. (I’m trying not to grab my own shit) it’s hard, but it’s possible to stop. It is addictive. FOR SURE. Proud of you for quitting.

  5. weed helps me not wanna do any other substances but I do like other things but if there was an 8 ball of meth and a gram of weed on a table next to each other I'd choose the gram of pot

  6. Anything can be addicting. My body got addicted to my birth control pills. When I finally stopped taking them my body went through so many changes and I had no energy. I almost went back to them but I had to tell myself I want kids someday and I need to stop now. I’m also addicted to soda/sugar. Everything can be addictive. But like you said these are “minor” addictions where you can end it on your own but it still sucks! Thanks for the video. I’m trying to learn more since I’ve recently been using it to help me sleep.

  7. I smoked J for 5 years (one a day in the evening). It was all good, but then I got really zombie-like the day after i smoked.. (anti-social, lazy, etc) I didn't consider myself as addicted, cause i always did my school/work first. And could easily go a day without J. But now i stopped for 13 days I really got those cravings-waves. Can anyone relate?

  8. Smoked weed pretty much everyday for months on end and it made my social anxiety so much worse so one day I just stopped. I still craved it but I knew it wasn’t worth it.

  9. There is this notion that weed is not addictive because it has no physical withdrawal and it's bull. Just look at pot smokers who smoke all day everyday, and how weed becomes the center of their universe and even their whole identity. Selling Marihuana wouldn't be so lucrative if it wasn't addictive. Shit, people choose to smoke daily for the rest of their lives. Every user who quits relapses but not everyone gets addicted just like anything else. Shit, I drink beer but I'm not an alcoholic but yet many become alcoholics. And yes that shit is serious! Like any other addiction.
    I spent over a decade caring about nothing except smoking pot.

  10. Lots if my friends are addicted to it (even I was) me and one of them has fought it but it's horrible one of them can't go to sleep so they smoke it to go to sleep, another needs it to cope, another just addicted to it

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