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We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive …

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  1. I'd love to see some public research and info about detox and pee tests in the work place. Also the rise of legalization and how its affecting work place rules.
    Especially in states where it's legal, however you may be going for either a federal job or a federally regulated job and how to obtain the job if even medical marijuana is illegal to the business.

  2. If you know who you are you will never get addicted to anything not even money… you simply enjoy the life as it is. Addiction is of mind but you are not the mind.✌🏻

  3. Mashable, (You are a liar) I can not believe you used the 1937 film Reefer Madness to state your point, have you fallen so low. This is called mass scare tactics to help make your point, you left out the part where it makes white woman want black men etc. Do you think this will make you look good, I think not. You might want to check out some of the current studies on this subject.

  4. A close friend of mine smokes daily and its gotten to the point where he only gets hungry when hes high so he doesnt really eat much till hes high

  5. This was an honest article. Kudos. I've been smoking for about 40 years. I have been through/experienced the 'Disorder' markers at one point in my life. Yes, I was dependent on weed. To control my stress and anxiety at a point in my life where I was also suffering from severe depression. Cannabis actually saved me from suicide. I still smoke today, but nowadays I control how much I smoke because I no longer suffer from anxiety or stress. Depression is a lingering thing and a smoke at night keeps the Black Dog at bay.

  6. No, it is not addictive. There is no chemical addiction, but you can become psychologically dependent on anything. You become addicted to heroine, you become dependent on weed, or porn, eating a matress, knocking on wood, the praise of others, or any nmber of idiot things. You can die quitting opiods cold turkey, you just get annoying when you run out of weed and start acting like a baby. Addiction and dependence are two separate things, one is a physical change in body chemistry, and the other is just a mental tick.
    And the DSM is bullshit, self-dependence and ignoring "authority" are listed as mental disorders.

  7. long time heavy use cause significant withdrawal such as insomnia, vivid dreams, stomach cramps, loss of apetite, night sweats and alot more so therefore it is addictive

  8. In my ex's case, yes. But, he loved vicodin pills and smoked meth in secret too. But, pot was the go-to. He couldn't function without it. He didn't have any, he would get irritable and worse. I saw him punch holes in walls, he punched the the steering wheel while I was in the car, the fence. I knew he was self-medicating, and I left him for good a few months but not for his drug abuse. It was a different kind of abuse. πŸ™

  9. Medical and users say it's not, but I disagree. As people have stated, anything can become addicting. People do things out of muscle memory alone. Eat at certain times even if not hungry but because they condition themselves to do so.

    People hide behind "medical" that just use that as a crutch. No, I don't mean those that really do use it for medical, but those that just use it to chase the high.

    My neighbors had a cps case due to smoking weed around their kids. Not once during their investigation did they stop, even while having to give urine samples. Had they failed, they would have lost their kids. Instead of stopping, they bummed money from others to buy some detox drink to hide it. Not to mention the same neighbors are about 2 months behind on rent, yet they aren't short on weed ever.

    I've seen people smoke themselves to a skeleton face state with weed. Lose relationships and their kids over weed. You can't tell me that something you are willing to lose your kids over isn't addicting. If you crave it in any way, on multiple occasions, it's addicting.

  10. nothing is addictive its whatever it is we try to flee from and dont want to face that makes us find distractions … drugs do a good job to flee from facing your shit πŸ˜‰

  11. I have to question his results, but only from the aspect that "anti-anxiety" medications are so low. Did they combine benzodiazepines together with other non-addictive classes such as SSRIs/buspirone? Benzodiazepines are even more addictive than opioids-and more dangerous in withdrawal.

  12. Anything you enjoy can be addictive, whether phycological..or physical. All drugs should be legalised, that way we can take out the need to commit crime, and have interaction with addicts that allows treatment. Opiates are a whole different ball game, and need urgently to be looked at. They account for a huge percent of crime and violence. When will the politicians have the balls to do what's right?

  13. Any substance that alters your chemistry is indeed addictive in the right circumstance. It's irresponsible to say otherwise and hurts medical marijuana as a serious medicine.

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