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Indoor Cannabis Marijuana. When Does Veg Really Start? We all know all your cannabis marijuana plants start with germination and then the seedling stage …

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  2. definitely during lights off!!!! my lemon milk from dusted bud genetics blew up so crazy after 6 hours of rest. also I have to recommend GH Root Enhancer, amazing stuff!!!

  3. Your going to be in kush heaven! Looks like they are off to a solid start and are healthy. I haven’t grown is soil but I like your opinion on waiting until the leaves exceed the outter rim of the solo cup. I run the rockwool and normally move to transplant after week one or when they are 3inches tall. Looking good though my friend. I’m excited to see the kush in a few weeks. They will be fat ladies for you!

  4. Nice video my friend really looking off to a good start thx for sharing can’t wait ta see your outdoor secessions I’ll be uploading some new videos of my outdoor season as well have ta check them bro, thx hippie jimmy ✌️✌️

  5. Id say veg doesnt really start until the 14 day mark from seedling 🌱. I found that after the first 2 weeks of life the bigger fan leaves start developing.

  6. Yes,,rite on,,,the first 10 day's.
    You nailed it; *)
    The first 10 day's of a seedlings fly by real fast.
    Get the root structure built in this early stage.
    For myself, ,I like to wait for the first five finger leaf.
    Then transfer to bigger
    Bigger can mean anything.
    If moving outdoor, for me, is wait after 6pm, let them for first time wake up to the sun.
    But keep real close eye on them,,the sun might kill them, so might have to move into shade. But this will gradually get them use to the sun rays.
    I really like the water spritz bottle. .too.
    Keep growing

  7. @Kushlife- The dark does make a difference when it comes to stretching that y In the Flower stage the growth is Phenomenal – Salute 💯🌱👍🏿👀

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