How to Use Cannabidiol for Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Panic Attacks and even Postpartum Depression

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CBD is an AMAZING natural resource for anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks and even postpartum depression. Learn how CBD clinically can …

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  1. I suffer from Mood Swing Disorder, Depression, and stress. Since I have been taking CBD pills twice daily, I finally feel normal. Thank god this product is available without a prescription.

  2. What about drug interactions? Sadly, I'm on 150 mg sertraline and 50 mg quetiapine, I really wish I knew about cbd oil before going on medications again. On top of this, my doctor is not a big fan of cbd oil…

  3. I wish we had Dr.s that cared in Houston..all they want to do is put u on antidepressants..and tell u to try breathing exercises..for me..nothing has worked for my anxiety. 8 yrs having this. And nothing works..everything that's supposed to calm u me I'm REALLY hesitant to do CBD….

  4. Yes i just had my son 4 months ago and they put me on birth control and everything went downhill from there so i got off of it and i was full of anxiety. I just took cbd and it helped me so much. I also was bleeding a ton from the pills and my bleeding stopped.

  5. Real knowledge with no wasted words! Subbed. I'm a strong dude that had nervous energy with LOW energy but CBD seems to have brought me back to feeling like a young man. LOVE IT!

  6. What name of your cb d oil.? Finding it hard to get it sent to republic of ireland any info would be helpfull. I have to send sterling over to a friend in Scotland and she buys it online with her card an pops into plain a jiffy bag and sends it to me

  7. Thank you so much for your video on CBD…..Big frustratiom here in Australia where CBD is not allowed so very hard to find some !

  8. Unfortunately, I'm on Zoloft again after stopping it 4-5 months ago and now I'm on an even higher dose (150mg instead of 100mg). I really wish I hadn't done this, it's been less than two weeks I think. My doctor claims that CBD oil can cause psychosis, and she doesn't even know what Ashwagandha is, which is also something I want to (eventually) take.. I feel very sad that I restarted with zoloft 🙁

  9. Hi doctor Melissa! Do you have a baseline for dosage for chronic panic disorder and depression. I’ve tried pharmaceuticals and nothing has worked/ caused side effects. I’ve been using CBD for the past 6 months and it DOES help. I’m currently taking 15-30 mg a day but I’m looking for more results and want to know if there is a baseline. Thank you!

  10. Hello, i have a question! i am someone who cannot handle smoking weed (due to my anxiety) even one or two puffs… can send me into a downward spiral… it does the polar opposite of relaxing me, in fact, for all i know smoking weed could have triggered my OCD and GAD in the first place….. i even think i had psychosis from smoking weed once……it was terrifying. SO my question….is CBD oil suitable for people like me who are highly sensitive to the Psychoactive element of Weed?

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