How to Stop Smoking Weed! (& Improve Your Life)

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  1. Hope this video can help you stop smoking if you ever wanted to or need to! if so please share it with someone you think it might help <3 Ram Ram

    NOTE: This video ONLY for those who want to stop i'm not saying everyone should lol. already getting messages attacking me. it's just a plant and you are all loved, smoker or not!

  2. Seen your other video.. You're the only "stoner" I know about that did nothing when you got stoned.. You abused it and if it was opioids or anything else you would have been dead. I don't personally smoke weed because of my career in disease proliferation & termination of potential biological weapons patterns that may be unleashed on the world. The people I know that get "stoned" I go fishing with while they're stoned, hunting, and other activities. There is the stoner! Then there is bat-sh1t lazy blame the weed get a bunch of tats and think he's a saint because he fried his brain on K2-K4(Yeah I checked you out).

    Instead of trying to get people off tobacco Kills 400 thousand Americans a year or Alcohol kills 88 thousand Americans a year You go after something that is winning against the federal government in America for stress reduction-cancer fighting properties. This is all the evidence needed to identify a fried mind, and I'm not going to study you any further to find out if you do or do not make money following these patterns.

    By the way? Spirituality was rooted to NEANDERTHALS So not only are you not targeting death as an enemy, you're inspiring pointless mental patterns that most likely aided in the extinction of the neanderthals by them thinking there was an afterlife which lowers the value of this life. Category Education So much for your "How to have an EGO DEATH" lol.. You totally fried your brain.

  3. Good for you. I'm a lot older but like you stopped a few years ago. Don't miss one bit. Loving natural life. The only way to live.

    If we live long enough we should find that life's ultimate goal is to accept who we are naturally and be at peace with it.

  4. lol don't blame your lazyness on Cannabis…all it does is reveal "you"to "your self" you should focus on changing your self and stop letting the herb control your life… it's all about control…

  5. Dude u used to smoke when u were in high school…its proven that it effects kids negatively because their brain isnt fully developed..i do remember 8 years ago when i was in high school i definitely felt clowded up and definitely could not focus in school and all i wanted was to get high!…i did stop smokinh for about 5 years but have recently decided to give it another shot as my life is on track and i can afford it and guess what i fuxking love it it dosent effectmy life in any negative way it improves all my work and helps me relax when its time..the cannabis has made me hate drinking beer/liquor….this guy is full of shit and if u agree with him you are weak minded just like this dude…i mean common…he goes to jail and turns straight edge." Sensimilla is a gift from jah, i will not follow your man made law"

  6. The following helped me accept the idea that marijuana was keeping me stagnant. Some of it may sound like bullshit but there are some truths here…

    There are three mental bodies (of the oval spirit bodies). The main one is the mental oval body and then there is the mental trance oval body and the intellect oval body. The oval body known as the intellect is an aspect of consciousness that is completely devoid of any feelings. This is the level of observing that people experience when they are fantasizing and imagining something in their minds.

    The trance mind is the place where the person has begun to separate from their basic mental awareness and presence. Marijuana separates our mental awareness into the trance mind and at the same time over amps our sensation body, (another one of our many oval spirit bodies that combine within our aura).

    There is a basic energy oval body too, and yet remember that energy exists everywhere and all aspects of spirit are affected by energy, yet feelings and sensations are deeper than energy. Energy is only 30 percent of a feeling. Sensations are the coating on our feelings and they feel like tingling and buzzing sensations.

    Often times, a person who is beginning to feel a feeling, will notice the sensation of the feeling and the tingling it is creating in their body, yet out of fear, instead of relaxing and receiving the tingle in their body, they tense in their energy body and cause the energy fields to push their authentic feelings away, to disperse and discharge away from their body. They may feel that they are feeling, yet in reality they are only feeling in a separation, outside of their body.

    Marijuana over amps the sensation body as it encapsulates a person’s authentic feelings into separations; into outer body bubbles (so to speak). Thus the person is in a mental trance floating more above themselves observing themselves from a high spiritual distance while also feeling the warm fuzzies of the amped up sensation body as being a blissful feeling.

    Since their authentic feelings are now in an outer body encapsulation, they are less likely to be aware of them, and more likely to be swept away into joyful feelings of not having to deal with their true feelings. Joyous glee can pull someone’s spirit into more “higher” levels of spiritual space. There is safety here, to be free from the awareness of darker or more negative aspects of human feelings.

    Or sometimes their feelings are amplified and glorified yet they are only existing in “outer-body” positions spiritually; that causes the feelings to be viewed mentally, yet not felt internally as true authentic feelings within the physical tissues of the body. They may feel the energy of their feelings, yet they can also be seduced by the energies of “outer-body” feelings and become re-traumatized by an old historical issues from their childhood by actually side stepping into historical moments instead of staying truly present with their adult-self in the present moment.

    As a separate spirit entity, marijuana begins to take over the person’s wisdom channel, causing them to be seduced by it. There is a residue of substance (drug residue) that is created when the person partakes of this substance. Drugs are separate spirit entities that create an illusionary path that separates your consciousness from receiving your true wisdom awareness. Your true wisdom awareness shows you what your real truth is.

    As an example. While high on marijuana you may view a circumstance in your life where you were actually angry, yet your marijuana bliss tells you that there is nothing to be angry about, thus you forget about being angry. Yet the anger still exists as a truth within your aura and your spirit; within your authentic feeling body, even though you have pushed your feeling body away by using the marijuana to separate into a trance, and only observe your feeling and memory in a mental separation.

    So basically a person smoking marijuana is not aware of their residues. They become easily deluded into believing lies. The mind is tricky and a fun way of saying it is this: The mind is full of shit. Your mind and your energy fields will lie to you, and since energy flows through your whole nervous system, even your nervous system will lie to you. Only your authentic feelings will prove to you what your truth is in your heart of hearts….on a wisdom level of awareness.

  7. Awesome video man. Me and weed have an awesome relationship. Im stopping smoking weed for the whole month of February just because my tolerance is extremely high. I started March 28th and now it’s February 1st. These past couple of days have been cool, but I realized why I smoked. Every day I go and skate board for a minimum of 3 hours. Skating that much every day takes its toll on my body and weed helps me relax my muscles and chill. No weed these past couple of days is a bummer cause I’m still skating like before. Instead I just work out after a skate sesh and chill. I also realized that I was smoking just to smoke. These past couple of days I learned that I don’t need to be stoned all the time. I’m really glad I decided to do this cause now I’m only going to smoke after I skate unlike before where I would smoke in the mornings at lunch and before bed. Take a break guys makes you appreciate weed a whole lot more

  8. How to stop smoking weed LOL. Just stop dude, it's not rocket science. Just make sure if you quit smoking you quite drinking so your not a hipocrite. People who claim to "not do drugs" while drinking their favorite alcoholic beverage are fools. Didn't say this is what you said in your video,l. I'm just pointing out this is the norm. Getting high and just sitting there…. Just because this is what you did, that doesn't mean everyone else is like that.

  9. im only 18 and been smoking since 14 years old and almost everyday since i was 16, im trying to quit once i graduate and get my life together because now i just feel like weed is setting me back and making me feel useless and makes me feel like im wasting money now cuz i dont even like it anymore.

  10. I still vaporize weed…I like weed because it helps me out when I finish a long shift. It has its positive sides…but its not good to be high all the time. I stopped hanging around friends who get really high though….getting really high can make you non functional!

  11. Bro u deffo still blaze all the peace and herb vibe u got going on don’t have to quit just limit your use and don’t abuse the ganja

  12. Definitely sceptical coming in.. But wow- great video, man. You covered any questions or doubts I've had about overusing bud. Leaving the grinder in the sock drawer today.

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