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This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ Step by Step HOW TO GUIDE to starting an autoflower grow. I take you the grow room set up, plant and germinate …

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  1. Awesome job bro…. is there any substitute for Gaia green dry amendments? I live in Nevada and I’m not sure where to buy Gaia green products here in the states. I appreciate your videos. Thanks

  2. Hey it’s super hard to find gaia green in the US I was wondering if liquid Cal mag plus plant supplement 2-0-0 would that be sufficient through veg and bloom.. I love the organic fertilizer that you use because I am going to be using cocoa as well but I don’t know any other products like that one I am not familiar with fertilizers.. help if you can plz…

  3. Jesus christ, the whole thing is like one giant run-on sentence. Could you theoretically enunciate your words if you actually tried? Is your nose blocked?

  4. I noticed you only put a small amount of water around where the seed is. Does that work better than watering the entire pot/bag? Can you pre-watering so all of the soil is damp, and then adding the seed to the already wet soil instead of water after putting the seed in? I figured it would stop the seed from shifting during initial watering.

  5. Your videos are great and very helpful. Thank you very much !

    Here are some questions:

    FEEDING: I am using GAIA Green dry amendment in PROMIX HP instead of coco. I pre-amend it 70/30 then transplant my seedling 1 week after sprouting them. What would be a reasonnable feeding schedule for a fast growth autoflower. We`re talking roughly 9 weeks from start to finish ?

    POTS: I'm going the smart pot way and will be growing outside. Should I use bigger (5 gallons) pots to maximize yield since only growing 3-4 plants or 3 gallons would be enough due to short life span of the plants. LST will be used (garden wire+paper clips)

    MEDIUM: Thinking of adding worm cast at a 10-15% ratio. Any reasons why I shouldn't do it ?

    Thank you

  6. Sup matt . Its Matt bro is it ok of I grow two plants under 1200 watts?? And should I take any other precautions other than sterilizing for growing in the closet. ??? Thank you brother

  7. mr. canucks grow you are a legend. ive been following you for a short while now love your vids keep it going ,there very helpful. im about to start my first grow soon. I see you put your seeds straight into the soil without germinating them first. for my first grow do you think I can do this too?

  8. i have some northern light auto flowers and they have begin flowering but then i put them in my greenhouse and now they begin reveg 😀 ? and i have a question about my homemade airpot, can the roots get to much air? they grow slower then all my other grows

    btw i love your videos 🙂 you are the best out there to tell about what you do 🙂

  9. I can't get gaia green in the us, I found another organic fertilizer but the bloom is 4-8-4 instead of 2-8-4. Would I be able to use this instead?

  10. Epic video dude got my subscription bro. Love the camera angles and stuff too. Quick question for the time lapse did you leave it recording throughout the whole grow or at periodic stages and post edit that way? What camera setup you use for the slow mo and timelapse if you don't mind me asking? Thanks again

  11. Looking forward to the rest of this video. Autos is all I’ve tried due to space. I used an 11L pot last time but I think that might be a bit small.?
    Also just upgraded to a 450W Viparspectra LED which should be ok for 2 x 2.
    I’ve always used LST. I thought about a fabric pot but as I thought, the soft sides don’t look ideal for tying too.
    Tried Dinafem CBD critical & Royal Queen NL. Vision Seeds Super Skunk next.
    Thx for the video!

  12. Hey dude. Been following you for a while now. Love your videos! Quick question. I'm going to be running autos soon ( royal gorilla and norther lights from royalqueen seeds) using your exact same method only using cyco coco coir instead of MO koko. When you water are you using straight RO water? Do you add Cal mag? Much love brother. keep the videos coming!

  13. Matt I started my grow in fox farms soil, but liking your cocoa grow. Is it possible to transplant into the cocoa medium and still use your methods. Thanks for listening.

  14. Could you help me with growing ??? It would be a honor to grow and show you how it’s going I watched every episode from start to finish mr. grow💪🏽💪🏽

  15. If anyone grows like this and uses distilled water. You must add calmag or you will get phosphorus deficiencys in flower. Also if you use distilled water with a organic calmag like calimagic you wont have to ph your water. Recharge in veg and 5ml of mollases once a week in flower week 2 until final week will also help alot ! 3 ml of calmag until week 4 of veg then 5 ml til harvest.

  16. Wuts up my dude. I'll be setting up my grow soon and i want to use your dry method but unfortunately the states dont carry gaia green. Can you recommend another type of fertilizers & bloom to mix with coco? Any help would be great

  17. I'm sorry but are you using 4 tbs of each amendment per gallon? Also do you mind giving the exact measurements of your nutrient mixture as you start feeding? Also when do you start feeding?

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