How to Quit Smoking Weed & Encouragement for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Quit Addiction for Good.

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  1. I have been smoking weed everyday all day ever since highschool.. last year I quit for 1 full year.. I felt great… then I was drawn back into Mary Jane and my life has been on the decline since.. I have no motivation to work on my online business.. this video came to me at the perfect time. Thank you for creating this video. your efforts do not go unnoticed. thank you.

  2. I am one week behind you man, same thing…I quit the day my husband turns a simple see my remu doctor for fibromyalgia & RA, into I must take paperwork to get medical weed started and I was trying to quit already for all the same reason you have but that was my last straw…So I told him #%&()_(*^% and I quit..threw the pipe his way and I started back on scrip meds the doc put me on, turns out the husband put me through emotional hell for ZERO reason because she dont do that paperwork anyways….So thankful she told him, she got it! …..Telling myself I might need to get off of this husband of almost 3 years too, going to give this a few more thoughts before I make any major moves…I feel I am getting my drive back too, I wasnt smoking before I met him….So thankful for this clean week looking for more!

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