How to properly cure your cannabis harvest

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After harvest it’s important to properly cure cannabis to bring out the true flavor and aroma of the flower. You spent months growing the plant so don’t destroy …

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  1. Yea you y’all a lot about how important it is to get it right but you never really tell us how long to do something for so this information is somewhat useless

  2. I’m loving how acceptable cannabis is becoming but this whole strain thing is getting ridiculous it’s just weed it gets you stoned I’m all for extracts but there’s so many pointless strains that are just a money con

  3. Should be wearing hairnets gloves and labcoats while processing that shit, boys.
    Also food grade buckets would be much better than garbage bags.

  4. "drying 3 to " FUCK OFF

    you cannot dry buds in 3 to 7 days, just like you cannot flashburn a pizza in 3 seconds and expect it to be a nice pizza, stupid fucks

  5. Great video explaining the curing process. Pure sativas do need 6 months and i imagine you don't grow those so thats why you probably haven't seen anything that needs that much time.
    One thing I am confused about is when you were chopping the buds the leaf was really green. Doesn't seem like its really flushed well if the leaf is green. Many strains will pick up fall colors in the leaf when flushed properly. Like a bubba kush will get purple leaves and others will get many shades of fall colors. The leaf in the video was pure green. Buds looked good though.

  6. Great video, so true to take your time curring the product. I have used all these and other techniques as well. still, I believe I can do better, always in the process of perfecting my product. After all, is done I still have to be the one that smokes or creates the best cannabis.

  7. Even if Mr. Paley had allowed a "bla bla manager" tag to taint his jobdescription this guy didn't loose his humanity: Look at the reaction to the smelling-test: 21:15. Keep building relationships with each strain, man! ;P

  8. This is such an informative video and should be considered a must see for all patients and caregivers. My only question would be do I need to grow a beard?

  9. I am surprised you didn't mention the need for fans in the drying room. You definitely need air flow to get a properly dried bud especially for outdoor where the moisture in the bud from rain might begin to mold during the drying.

  10. Thanks Guys! Very good info. I love the simple yet vital process to make your bud the best it can be. The explanation of what happens to the bud through the process was really great. So it's not just the how but the why also that I appreciate. I'll be harvesting this week so I look forward to using this process. Thanks.

  11. Temperature and Rh for your drying room? 21 celsius and 60%?
    Would be nice to have your view for what you consider to be the ideal dry room environment.
    Great video! Thx for sharing this work.

  12. Question: how long do you keep it in the brown bag. This was one of the best vids on explaining post-grow process. I have resisted dry trimming because I feared the term loss because it’s so brittle. The bagging process solves that problem.

  13. well i do the exact opposite lol, and these guys actually contradict their own pros and cons. like he said the reason they notch and hand and wet trim is to speed along the drying process, then he goes on later to talk about how they try and mimick old cali ways by trying to slow down the drying process lololol. i get they know what they are doing and this is a perfectly viable way to dry and cure, esecially if you are in a super humid climate, but i whole heartedly recommend for best quality whole plant dry, after 3-5 days remove on;y the huge fan leaves and let finish till 7-14 days total. from here you cut the nugs off and leave the sugar leaves, start to cure. now i leave my sugar leaves on and actually trim as i use em and put the cured dry sugar trim in its own jar. you could also do it all at once right when curing or right before you seal jars for long term. i truly feel this slow drying is key, the last thing you want is to get to the cure stage to quickly by drying to fast. i also find this dries it more thoroughly and evenly and burbing is not as needed because there really is not alot of moisture. the slow dry is almost the cure tbh if you can go 10+ on a huge plant

  14. Wow. Took me long enough to stumble across this. Great video! I dont have near the experience but did notice one thing: the people wet trimming just cut off fan leaves. If I were to fine tune your method, try pulling those fan leaves out with two fingers. Leaving that stubby nub stem from the fan leaf after just a trim is just one more thing you dont need in the bud before brown bagging it. Just a tiny notice. Thanks for your vids!

  15. This company looks like it needs a infusion of diversity. Not one employee was shown that is not caucasian. It's 2018 and we live in a global society now. Everyone deserves an opportunity to make a living in this industry as well. Just saying. Closed minded and ignorant replys, start now! 1 Luv.

  16. For the people who wonder how long or should you use paper bags: it stays in the paper bags for a few days, so you have max. 14 days of drying in total (hanging and in paper bags). You don‘t need to put them into paper bags though – just dont trim as much leaves and leave it hanging a little longer and then put them straight into your curing containers (basically when the small stems snap, the big ones should still bend! If the big stems snap you have left it hanging for too long).

  17. Not good trimming process. Should do all trimming after plant is cut before going on dry rack, paper bag. Less handling of bud is better, trichomes are less stable as they dry.

  18. You say you hang dry fro 3-5 days before placing into brown paper bags, but about how long do you leave them in the paper bags? Can you break down the 4 stage drying process please?

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