How to plant Cannabis

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It’s that time of year again – we are prepping our Cannabis seedlings for Spring and planting them in our greenhouse. These “CBD babies” will be growing into …

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  1. Finally! A one guy who answers my questiion. "It's just the same as planting other fruits. All i watch is saying Ph level, defoliating, humidifier and its making my head spin.

  2. That's far too much plastic for a company promoting sustainability. Please switch to a soil blocker. In addition to being much better for the environment, it is exponentially better for the plant roots as well. Other people can't believe how my vegetable garden takes off after transplanting with soil blocks compared to when the little plastic or even peat pots are used.

  3. I was the same helping my dad when I was a kid my dad won bud of the year in New Zealand Aotearoa and is the best grower I've ever seen as he was a man of God who accomplished so many great things in his life besides growing

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