How to pass a blood drug test | Marijuana blood test | Cocaine blood test

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  1. I’ve been smoking but out of a Vape pen for the last couple months . I stopped smoking 2 1/2 weeks ago but I still have three more weeks to get clean. Do you think my blood test and urine test will come out positive?

  2. I have a government blood test in about 6 days from now and i have to pass it and i really dont know how to take out all the thc from my body and i weigh about 213, i dont know if working out and drinking alot of water is going to help,but i really need to pass.some one please help me

  3. Hi, so glad I found this video. I smoked almost everyday for the past 4 months and I’m taking a medical exam for life insurance, I haven’t smoked weed in 17 days and my exam is Sept 10/11, should I use a detox program or you think I will be ok?

  4. What if I donate plasma how long should I wait since I did cocaine for the first time in months drinking water and doing exercise would help get it out of your system

  5. If I smoked 4 joints on Friday,will I be cool for a blood test Monday without dtox pills?
    I rarely smoke now due to these tests, my last joint was a week ago , only one the past 2 months.

  6. Hey bro, i need help, i never smoke weed in my life, but last whole month i was smoking almost every day, i am not smoking for 4 weeks already, and i train almost every day and drink allot of water, i wanna know if im gonna pass a blood test i have in 3 days? Please someone respond, do i need detox?

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