how to make cannabis oil

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Make your own cannabis oil. A versatile oil that can be smoked,used to mix with kief when making hash and can be use as an edible if decarboxylated. step by …

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  1. Yo masterblaster, dope videos my guy, I’ve always watched your videos from the uk and I love them man, please shout me out in your next video, thanks.

  2. I used to do this in my teens when ide get really shitty weed. Idk why you would want to do this with good weed. still nice vid and back when I did this, we didn't have kief cause our weed sucked, so joints were a mess. We called them "night sticks" or "black sticks" , and I'm grateful I don't have to smoke them any more lol.

  3. Awesome Video. Thanks. . Quick question.. Seeing that it's still liquidity, does that mean there's still isopropyl in the product? and if you purge that oil, would that become shatter?

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