How to Become a Licensed Commercial Cultivator

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Many caregivers are growing 72 plants or more, and are interested in getting bigger. The current law under the MMMA only allows for a caregiver to grow for five …

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  1. as a "caregiver" in the state of oklahoma,, i need to learn out how to implement the caregiving principles you discuss into practice here in oklahoma..
    your laws are different than here..

  2. I have heard repeatedly that it is a little late in the game to be getting into the business and that any attempt will result in you being bullied/pushed out by the bigger guys, via shady tactics if need be.
     I'm not sure how much truth there is to that but it is something I have heard often enough that I figure there must be some truth to it. I've heard you pretty much have just as good a chance of starting a new tobacco company and competing against the big wig corporations… but again this is just hear-say.

  3. Im interested in investing in a MMMP commercial grow/cultivation startup in Michigan. If anyone wants to discuss a partnership please send me a message or email me and we can discuss further. Im very motivated to get started ASAP!

  4. The frickin government can really screw up a good thing. This is a plant which anyone can grow and enjoy , yet they find a way to fuck it up. I almost prefer the way we’ve been doing it for decades.

  5. Anyone know how many plants a state licensed cultivator can grow in california? Cant seem to find that info anywhere. I know 6 mature plants is standard. Thanks

  6. Legally, you cannot get loans from banks. Federal law restricts banks from investing into any company that manufactures schedule 1 drugs (which canibus still is)

  7. Interesting that you touched on greenhouse grows. Have you found anything different from the standard of the greenhouse has to be enclosed in a fence with a lock? If its a larger greenhouse with a locking door would that count?

  8. You need to send me some information any kind of leak and he kind of data I have two acres and a 2500 square foot facility they just legalized it here in the state of Utah. And agricultural zoning with water

  9. +Cannabis Legal Group Is it realisticly possible for a EU citizen to get a visa and start a 100% legal craft grow business in Canada? I have a budget of about a 100K Canadian dollar (75K€)to start a small buisiness.

  10. It was easy to talk to him about getting the job, but im kinda sketchy on it because hes in Colorado and im in Tennessee and i dont want to get screwed over, he said it would cost around 950

  11. Im talking to this guy on facebook, he has pictures and company name, and he says i need to send money so that he can do the documents for a medical support card and weed card. How much would those cost

  12. I'm really interested. I am currently breeding and I am a stickler for strains. Genetics are being destroyed by malpractice. I'm retrieving the good genetics. First thing first, no growing unstable strains. Then work the legal documents that document the structure. Its like a shop job. You have to document the process and never use hermaphrodites or feminism or things for profits, the reason behind this is because you need to have good product without problems. So cool that you posted this guys , many people in my shoes could work for medical purposes insted of working for the profits of others greed. Good video.

  13. Great video , I attended your seminar as well : question with the 2 yr caregiver. I believe at the seminar there was a group that were from another state , and you explained since you are not from the state ( haven't held a caregiver license) they can then register via an LLC etc and continue from there.

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