How Cannabis Helps My Fasting Habits

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Have you used cannabis during fasting and how does cannabis help people who are fasting. Fasting and using marijuana can help your body cleanse, get the …

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  1. I smoke every day…. I started intermediate fasting last spring and I work out every morning only a hour I lost 70 pounds and feel good… I'm doing a dry fast now. Cannabis has helped me

  2. Totally agree, I do fast and vape my flowers, it worked for me, although I do not know if it will do it for everybody

  3. that is interesting because generally when I vape cannabis, I get the urge to eat. you know …. the munchies as most get. Although if I am to vape cannabis while fasting, and knowing I get those urges to eat, I do it towards the end of my fast as I know I can then eat and its all good 🙂 In the middle or beginning of my fast though, I take CBD oil.

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