Hemp Oil! Legal Alternative To Pain

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While In Florida I could not get my medical Marijuana! But I COULD get Hemp CBD oil!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this video.I live in Jacksonville,Fl. and I have hemp oil for body-butter.I didn't know about the cbd. will be trying them.Thank you again

  2. I've become a big fan of cbd the past few months. I don't do regular cannabis because it's not legalized yet in my state and I require very specific strains so I don't get paranoid which isn't obtainable easily or consistently without a medical card here. The cbd really helps with my anxiety, stress, pain and sleep. I get a overall feeling of relaxation. I just wish it was more widely available. I've only been able to find the cbd gummies in stores so I have to get it online if I want other things until I find a store around me with more products. I'm really annoyed my state (RI) didn't vote to legalize along with Massachusetts during the election. Freaking dumb! But I live 5 minutes from Massachusetts so it's not too bad.

  3. Hugs******. Mrs. V
    So Glad you got some relief. Howie your the BEST*** no. 1Better Half to Mrs. V. You a Perfect * Hubby always there to P!ease your Wife HUGS* TO YOU BOTH. <3

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