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  1. crazydago , i dont know what it is but you got it . out of all the internet weed people, you by far are the most entertaining . thank you for the work you do for the fans.

  2. Lmao, what's up with the bra, or bruh crap ? Are white boys too scared to use the word bro ! Does calling another white guy bro supposed to be a racist term ?? Come on and stop it already, I'm embarrassed for you guys that say bruh ?

  3. Great quality, great content and great start to the new year…not to mention beautiful garden? now how do I say "thanks for making these vids"… "taking the time on top of family and career", in a new way lol without sounding like a broken record lol…. time to pull out the thesaurus lol or a Webster lol…Thanks ??

  4. cheers dago, garden lookin good bruh
    cant wait for the round table, hope this 3rd year will be as good as prevoius or even better!!
    update the vlog cause its very cool and i miss it… lol
    stay frosty

  5. Hey Dago! Do you believe only UK watch from overseas!!! France watch too!!! And other EU country too I bet?!
    Nice phenotype! Hope it will be legal in my country one day!!!
    Have a lifted one

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