Health Fitness Coach On Difference Between Smoking Weed & Smoking Cigaretes EsNews Boxing

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  1. Idk, im amateur boxer and i use to smoke weed sometimes, already won some matches its not big deal for me 😂🤷‍♂️ but i still need to train hard 😁

  2. Fuck man,I smoke weed at night to sleep,like just a bowl or so,then throughout the day I’ll work as hard as I can and I won’t smoke till night,I wonder if I should stop,it’s hard for me to fall asleep and I don’t like sleeping pills it take too much for me to sleep,I’m 15 and weigh 135,anyone wanna recommend something to me,I’m a boxer and I’m in my 3 months start up before I start sparring,I took a break for a few months and I got into again

  3. He don't know about the how cannabis helps with neurological problems.
    CTE is the one thing boxers and MMA fighters, especially football players, do not even want to hear about.
    It will fuck you up.

    Cannabis for the brain and heart and digestive system.

  4. A large amount of weed after your workout is good for you. cannabis is an anti inflammatory so if anything its helping more than just doing nothing. If you are against weed just get CBD vapes, all the anti-inflammatory properties are in CBD anyways. And if you know the right place to get it, CBD isn't that expensive. I get full gram CBD by a company called Quanta for cheap.

  5. i have ran marathons and omg smoking weed afterward it feels fucking amazing its like better than lsd or any drug i have ever tried

  6. @Brandon Kraus Very good statistic lessons. Great talk, people do not understand most of the time. correlation does not mean causation, and that is what most science use to sale sh*t to us

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