Growing Cannabis Myths – That Newbies Believe

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Growing weed can be fun and exciting and help you develop patience, Horticulture skills and a 100% self-provided and safe cannabis supply. But people who …

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  1. Thanks for watching everybody! And If you need any grow gear for your new gardening venture, please check out the video description for my Grow Gear Amazon Shop! Oriented for Cannabis growers!

  2. I grow outside and it is not cheap, but you more than get your money back. A ounce cost over 200 to 350. Grow a good strain, get about a pound for your love effort, at least a few zs. Peace.

  3. people must suck in general, because I thought my plant was shit, and my first grow was 6 ozs off 1 plant, then 10 ozs off of 1 plant. I'm on my third right now. I'm looking to get over a lb. off of 1 plant.

    really, it isn't fucking rocket science. good genetics +common sense and a little bit of research, go a long way.

  4. I don't know which part of the world you belong to but I did it for INR 20 here in India (less than a third of a USD) with top quality yield. No offense meant, but from the sound of it, I think you overdo your crops.

  5. Hey Lex! How's it going? If you or the viewers have time I was looking for tips and confirmation on foliar feeding mainly during the flowering phase. Should it be done and if so what's the script?

    I am currently spraying lightly before lights off and again at lights on, I heard doing it up to week 3ish is helpful. I am dropping the humidity with dehumidifier gradually as time goes by, 60ish% at the moment (day13) and I think 50%(<) from day 28ish?
    The mix is 1/2ml of each in 6L container: hummic, ionic bloom, super drive stimulator, ryzotonic.. Hope that's not over kill.

  6. My first grow was weak. Before using the LST technique, Open Sesame and Beastie Blooms by Foxfarm and Recharge I was only getting an average of 1-2 ozs per plant. After a few tries and the right genetics I found that I could get anywhere from 3-5 ozs per plant. Of course, it also takes the right lights, plant food and the help of beneficial bacteria(Recharge). I also learned some Low Stress Training techniques to further increase the yield per plant. And, I paid off my $2,000 credit card debt in less than one year. I got most of my stuff and info from working at a hydro store. And, you have to check on your plants every other day or they start to die. They need lots of attention. Not having to buy your weed is like getting a raise on your paycheck. You save money and make money at the same time. Before I was spending money on weed and not making extra money.

  7. Rough estimate for indoor grow(small). Grow tent $100, exhaust fan and carbon filter $150, two led lights $300, pots $25, quality potting soil $25 a bag, extra perlite $20, additional nutrients $15. Don't forget the electricity for all the gear to run. Now all you need are seeds. Quality ones can run $5 to $10 per seed or even more. I'd guess at around $700 for the setup but afterward the costs will mostly be for electricity and more potting mix. And yes you can throw some leftover seeds out on the ground and perhaps get lucky. I remember friends raising plants in garden soil fifty years ago but the quality wasn't very good back then and unfortunately the better plants today are a lot more finicky to grow with good results.

  8. i'm hoping you're a "special" person, cause no one is this dumb…you're just wanting to talk to someone aren't you, i'm sorry you're so lonely to post such a lame ass video. seriously, go watch a mr. green video and learn something. LMFAO

  9. I grew two extremely successful plants with absolutely no investment other than the water it took to feed them and the time spent maintaining them. The seeds just came from a nug a friend had. Just used some lamps and planters I had laying around the house, dug up some soil from the back yard. Didn’t overthink it nearly this much. I think the cannabis industry has a lot of y’all fooled into forgetting that these are weeds, not faberge eggs.

  10. I have been growing outdoor for some years and have done pretty good over the years. I am now doing a grow indoors so far its going great but its all new to me

  11. Well im a newbie my parents allowed me to grow weed in the basement. I spent roughly 1.5k and got 10plants growing down there with roughly 1200watts (2x 600watt) and its definetly gonna be worth it. Invest alot of time in reaserch whats good for your plant how to maximise your yield and alot more. If you got friends just like me which grow ask em for tips i got alot which have been growing for like 10years i know from my work.
    And btw im 16 😉

    Edit: Great video tho 👍🏻

    Edit (2): And be patient dont stress urself while doin ur stuff this happened to me i was very nervous first time cutting my startinf leafs i by axident cut of my two bud sites :/

  12. Hugelkulture, charged biochar, and Terra preta. Black rich good soil is black from carbons. Paramagnetism grows like after a rain. You can dump whatever on it but. Carbons are basic building blocks of plants. Carbons hold nutrients and water. Gives places for life and once charged it produces paramagnetism. Paramagnetism grows better than fertilizer. Even better with fertilizer. Noxious weed laws.

  13. Growing out doors is easy…
    Germinate your seeds as per instructions from supplier.
    Prepare your grow sight in advance with the right soil combination….
    Once your seedling is hearty and Mother Nature is a go put them in the ground.
    Feed them regularly.
    Topping them every 4 nodes
    Lollipop the lower 1/3 portion sending nutrients to canopy.
    Super crop canopy.
    Watch for insects.
    Water and feed regularly, use molasses at flowering stage…
    Last week flush it out
    Dry it slowly using fans
    Cure in glass jars burping regularly

  14. I will be so glad if I get an ounce out of each of the four plants I will be starting. This will be for my own use. So tired of looking for a "weed man". The few hundreds of dollars will have been well spent just to cut out the frustration.. First weed I smoked was in Colorado, the "Rocky Mountain High" of the early 70's. Now retired, this can be my next new retirement hobby LOL. My home state just legalized med. mary jane, and there are so many conditions put on it, it's a real pain in the ass. If you just want it for personal use it can be totally worth it. To sell is all together different. 4 ounces of weed will last awhile. Thank the gods for Amazon prime, and all the great items. Hope the gods of weed inspire my other hobby painting. Auto flower grow should be ready about time weather starts getting awesome here, and "I can sit around the shanty and get a good buzz on"

  15. spend money on a good light. It's the most important factor in your yields. Also make sure you have the proper nutrients.

  16. My stuff grows pretty good outside the Summer where it's usually about 95 to 100+ but I get best results growing indoors in a tent

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