Grow Marijuana: Many Strains of Cannabis from Crockett Seeds

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I said I would have a ladder shot of the greenhouse! It’s in this video. Take a tour of Crockett’s greenhouse. See many marijuana strains. See behind-the-scenes …

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  1. weed is not good for ur health how many times do i have to tell people it can make ur brain go upside down why do people like them.. u can live healthy without them u can be healthy beautifull like just why

  2. If I could just be allowed to grow four plants as large and healthy as these I would be happy.

    I know we can have six but if my plants were like this Id only need four.

    Amazing and beautiful.

  3. Pick up a copy of the Cannabis Encyclopedia on amazon if you want to grow big like Crockett!
    The best way to say "Thank You" for all the free videos I post is to review the Cannabis Encyclopedia on amazon.
    Happy Growing!

  4. those leafs are crazy!!!!! and those plants!!! definitely inspires me even more to grow my own and breed at least one. the vision the inspiration is awesome!!! haha love it jorge, thanks always man

  5. how steep are seed prices? the whole high priced seed scene turns me off of them. cloning is too easy, vs a six month space taking project of which do we keep.

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