Government Interference – Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right | Part 1/4

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Cannabis News Network launches a miniseries on one of the hottest topics in cannabis regulation: the medicinal benefits of the plant and the struggle of patients …

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  1. Most people "CAN'T AFFORD TO LIVE HEALTHFULLY" in this country…and have a car, house, food, etc.

    Example….(no offense) to the company mentioned (Elixinol). Elixonol, is an excellent company…..I paid $300 for shipping and delivery of: three bottles of Elixinol,…and/or 180 capsules. Good for 3 months; 2 caps a day….about $1.75 a day; too much money.

    If I could set up an arrangement with any company producing CO2 derived Hemp Oil…for a $1.00 a day…with a dose of 30mg qd…I'd sign up for life and be done with it.

  2. You want to smoke marijuana that's fine. You want to grow it, sell it and not pay taxes that's fine too. Take your kids out of public school, don't drive on public roads, don't use any tax funded services. Go live in the forrest and wear a hemp diaper for all I care.

  3. Great Part 1! All people should have the right to consume cannabis; as long as they are not harming others person or their property. Cannabis consumers, for the most part, are peaceful people. Legalize it everywhere!!!

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