Foraging Wild Edibles: Fix your garden problem by eating the weeds

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Have you ever faced weeds in your garden? So many weeds that it’s intimidating? What if those weeds could be the first harvest of your garden rehab?

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  1. it's five am here in Tn BUT I would pay for a bowl of your greens and meat with some corn bread for the pot linker. ..yum thank you for posting video. …

  2. Thank you! Great video with clear descriptions. Living out in the PNW also, and am going to enjoy these and will know how to avoid the hemlock which is all over the place!

  3. Carrot leaves & hemlock leaves look nothing alike. But it's so cool the way you pointed it out by showing them one after the other. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that I was once a novice & how important it is for novices to learn to look at everything. This video brings me back to the basics. Thank you!

  4. Hi my name is Kathy from West Virginia. I love watching all of your video's.
    I just wish that you would hold the camera pointing start down on the plants for about 15- 30 seconds before cutting the plant. So that I can see and study the plant to learn it so I to can go out and enjoy theses greens.
    Now some I do know by heart for my Momma. My dear sweety Momma before she passed and as I was a child as well. We uses to go out and green pick.
    We had a blast.
    But some that you pick we did not. So this is why I wish to learn them.
    I just love my greens and hot buttered Biscuits.Yum yum! Lol
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make theses video.
    May the father in heaven bless you.

  5. Wow ma'am, if I loved in your country I would have loved to have learnt from you. You are incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you for teaching us through your videos.

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