Florida Marijuana Legalization | Election Day Coverage 2016

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Marijuana will now be legal in Florida. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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  1. Only way to get a medical u have to pass certain qualifications and most pot smokers doesn't have those certain illness. Smh bring RECREATIONAL TO FL!

  2. U guys are such compassionate people when you talk shit about Florida. Lovely. You should try to do a little more research before you talk shit about my home state. Florida never voted to legalize recreational use in 2014, it was medical only. And you need 60% vote for it to pass, not 2/3rds. I wonder why liberals think they are such outstanding tolerant people when they continue to talk shit abut people who don't agree with them. It's truly pathetic. Get off your high horse. You're just a bunch of no talent snobs that continuously race bait and further divide America.

  3. Medical Marijuana is how you increase access for whites, or well-to-do minorities. Legalization is for the lower class. Obama the first black president will keep it as a schedule one drug, while all the liberal elites toke up. Must be why he looked so dopey while when he supported committing crimes against native sovereignty. End the oppression of minorities by minorities. #DemocratPurge

  4. Medical marijuana is a liberal idea that increases access for middle-upper class whites who don't associate with dealers, or don't want to. Liberal Bubble still hasn't been popped. Legalization is passing in red, brexit states, after the black vote was supressed. That's a weak correlation, but worth some thought.

  5. Im someone who suffers from General Anxiety.. but i refuse to take a big pharma pill..

    Can someone give me an honest answer if cannabis would help anxiety? i've hear so many conflicting reports.. one person says it has helped their anxiety almost 100% while another says it causes them panic attacks…

  6. I hate smoking, but enjoy edibles. But I only think edibles will be made in recreational states. And I feel that eating edibles gets rid of the most dangerous part of the drug, which is like damage.

  7. I dont understand all the happy happy for Florida passing because under-law you have to be either near death or wish your were dead before you qualify for a med card

  8. Why would it be against the law to get weed type tiled " Weed Thins " a hybrid – the one that series titled Lethal Weapon : Best Buds ( ' 16 ) episode is talking about at the very beginning of the episode , if it doesn't make ppl. hungry at all , but only sleepy , in the south like Alabama , or Ga. state , or Tenn. ? .

  9. Their information was way off. It's the same amendment as in 2014 / and this had to get 60% but got 70+%. There was never a bill to outright legalise for recreation

  10. I hope pot is legal for general conditions so far it was for people with: cancer, hiv, aids, ptsd, epilepsy, and I think two more.

  11. The midterm was for the same. We needed a 60% to change the Fl constitution but it was the same bill as far as what it was legalizing. Its also pretty strict on who can use it and you can't grow it. Hey its a start, if Trump doesn't stump it all out.

    BTW its passed with the largest margin ever it was 70+ for

  12. I love how many ppl group all medical users together in this group of fakes "oh yeah sure okay, I have ADD & a bad back then", and its almost always said by ppl who ACTUALLY only use it to get high! DO SOME RESEARCH & stop being so patronizing & insensitive, a lot of us would either be dead from the alternative 'legal' drugs or by our own hand because of the sheer agony & depression that comes from being stuck in a cage as a medical guinea pig with literally no light ahead…

  13. Ana is wrong, the one we had in the mid terms was not for full legalization, it was a more restrictive version of the same medical amendment we just passed.

  14. we never had Full Legalization on the ballot for constitutional amendment. 2 years ago we had medical marijuana but it wasn't a presidential election. Full legalization is next

  15. Wont matter If Chris christy becomes AG he already said he would go after all states that don't comply with federal law

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