Finally — legal marijuana sales in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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New Jersey is on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana — but individual towns are lining up to ban it. We get the heart of suburbia … but New Jersey’s …

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  1. You need to look up the definition of ENCLAVE. The only Enclaves in New Jersey are in Jersey City, and they are the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island, which belong to New York State even though they are within the borders of New Jersey and are supplied with their utilities by Jersey City.

    In regard to policing impaired driving under the Influence of Alcohol or certain drugs that impair one's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely there already is a standard that is based upon both Drug Recognition Expertise and subsequent to a positive finding of such impairment being recognized to the subject the suspected motor vehicle operator to the Standard Field Sobriety Test. These tests measure the necessary Psycho Physicals attributes deemed necessary to reasonably operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner and are already in use throughout the United States and its Territories pursuant to the National Highway Traffic Administration under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Transportation for DWI enforcement..

  2. Wrong! According to a study by RAND corp if cannabis was regulated loosely like alcohol the cost to distributors for indoor grown cannabis would be around $10.50 an ounce. The regulation and black-market is what makes the prices high- no criminal would be interested in profits that low.

    And NO the federal laws apply only to interstate commerce under the interstate commerce clause!

  3. legalize marijuana it could save the whales and even the itty bittiest of snails, i go to atlantic city all the time with my family i know if marijuana was legalized they could preserve AC for its beauty it holds its been in a depression state for many years like Vegas and now its time to change that all around, even talking about it gives me goose pimples. the time for change is now

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