Father's Saves Son's Life From Epilepsy (Dravet Syndrome)

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Jayden was born on August 17th, 2006. Before he turned 5, he was administered a dozen powerful medications to tame Dravet Syndrome — a rare form of …

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  1. My heart goes out to you I grew up with epilepsy, a heavy combination of anticonvulsants. I remember double vision, nausea, going to residential school with other epileptics and now 56 still on meds but much lower dose, I realise I went through my childhood in a fog. Bentos are the worst even when admitted to emergency they give you them in large doses I withdraw / go cold turkey every time I am allowed home. How is your son now?

  2. First of all I do not smoke or take marijuana in any way shape or form. I do see it as a travesty and mortal sin that our federal government will not realize that cannabis is a legitimate form of medicine. It has been proven time and time again. Any politician that is in bed with large DRUG corporations should be tossed out of gov. on their ass. Its a f…… travesty. It pisses many of us VOTERS off something awful. Thank God many states are finally at least legalizing medical marijuana. However, since the fed. gov. does not recognize these laws, families in states that ban cannabis may need to take their children, and all their belongings to states that do. Otherwise, a parent can be charged with child abuse and loose custody of their children. Of course the state will then put that child on DRUGS such as the ones that this poor boy, Jayden, was on. This needs to stop now. Learn about cannabis and its potential as a medicine. Then please write or call your congressman and tell them you support legalized cannabis as a medicine on a federal level before its too late for children like Jayden.

  3. i have epilepsy my self iv had epilepsy since i was just 9 months old , i remember i was seizure free one year but soom how thay have come back , that is just not faire

  4. Anything, any person, any institution or government that gets in the way of this father from helping his son should promptly be dismantled and convicted of prolonging immense suffering. If health was the issue than why is tobacco, alcohol, and junk food so rampant around the world all of which cause thousands of deaths a year, cause disease, and tear families apart. Marijuana heals the sick with side effects such as relaxation, euphoria, an appetite, and a better sense of humor.

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