FACT: Pot is a gateway drug that will lead to a hard drug problem – why we need to make pot legal

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I prove beyond doubt that pot is a gateway drug which makes marijuana dangerous because it leads to a hard drug problem commonly. It’s not actually the drug itself, it’s the long overdue…


  1. weed itself isnt the gateway though, but weed is the easiest thing to get on a blackmarket, therefore, if you find a weed dealer, you can eventually gain access to any other drug through that same black market, thats basically why weed is called the "gateway" drug. Its not directly weed but the black market you find when you find weed and see the black market coming with it. If weed were legal, it wouldnt be a gateway to anything because weed wouldn't have the black market coming with it.

  2. Personally I think it depends on your mindset, if a weed is enough for you then yes it might not be considered a gateway drug for you but if a weed high is not enough you might want to quit or get a higher potency thc weed strain.

  3. This video hit home. I was a daily weed toker, and I didn't even realize how it is a gateway drug until I saw this. Just because I was in the illegal drug scene I had access to many, many other drugs. My weed use is actually what lead to me trying LSD. Although LSD is said to be practically harmless as far as the physical aspect goes, it was because of my means to get some dank I was able to get LSD. Great eye opening video.

  4. Unfortunately the draw to marijuana was it's illegality. Many dealers pushed it for money, now people are under the impression that other substances aren't as dangerous. Thus many people abuse Opiods and suffer consequences.

  5. and that you got to get pot from a dealer and then one day they say hey i got some of this hear try it for free and then they try it and now they get hooked on that

  6. You are on point, it isn't marijuana itself, it is the individual persons who are dealing, distributing, supplying, pushing, selling other drug/substances/chemicals on the grey market, such as research chemicals and designer drugs, or on the black market, such as harder drugs, such as opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, benzodiazepines and barbiturates

  7. Where I live, pot is illegal. I don't think the government is trying to make profit by making it illegal. Pills and anything health related cost more to the province than the person who is using it. I got prescribed 60 pills of methylphenidate and it cost me 2.71$

  8. As soon as I smoked pot I realised there was nothing wrong with it and assumed everyone was full of shit about the dangers of drugs, so I started to try others.

    Weed is a gateway drug because of the way we teach the younger generations about it, not because of any physiological affect the drug has.

  9. Reason pot stays in your system so long is because your body wants it. Your body is designed to maintain homeostasis and rid toxins. When your body doesn't recognize pot as a toxin it keeps it for longer

  10. I found that weed changed my perception and judgement to doing other drugs. I also would say alcohol influence could affect your conscience. I was high at a party and was offered mdma sass brown Molly and believe I wouldn't of done without the influence of weed. Another night was drunk as a skunk then some guy offered me some playto oily coke and did that. So I'd say if your conscience isn't sober it can influence you to do drugs you would probably say no to. Usually people that think nothing's wrong with pot are people caught up in the stoney feeling cuz they smoke everyday non stop, I know personally I sold, smoked, and vaped high quality weed 4-5 TIMES a day, my thought process was horrible short term memory loss like a bitch, lived my life in a stone cloud. Took me a good week of not smoking to realize how long you feel stoney and cloudy in brain

  11. I completely agree. It's something I realized shortly after getting into smoking weed. Out of my friends that started smoking weed, every one of them apart from me has tried other drugs. We started to meet other stoners while picking up weed who took other drugs. If weed was legal, we would have just got it from a shop and never met these people.

  12. I beg to differ. I got high off weed once (very long ago) and all the things people say the experience, 1
    ) I could of cared less of i had food. 2.) It triggered my anxiety. 3.) At first i felt like i was going to die; then i was worried I wasn't going too. 4.) Unable to concentrate on ANYTHING 5.) Repressing the psycho giggles made me want to cry after.

    Is it possible to be allerigic to weed????

  13. Let me show you another picture: Everyone can produce their pot in their homes/gardens easily if it gets legalized. It is extremely easy and cheap. Does such a process in the society lower alcohol consumption? Of course it would. Can you easily produce your safe and effortless alcohol at your home? Nope. You need a small laboratory, knowledge, raw material and lots of effort and time…

    The real loss of governments about the legalization of pot is not coming from the taxes on medicines. It is coming from the loss of taxes on the legal drug alcohol.

    Another extremely big loss of the governments is control over the society of course but the real concern is the money loss when the consumption of the alcohol drops…

  14. I actually started doing coke and molly, after a couple of years long cannabis use (age 13/14 to 17), but it was mainly because i was really boerd of pot, since i had done it to much, in a to young age, so i couldnt get "kicks" out of it anymore.. It kind of depends on you own feelings, if you are the more sad person you'll be really weak to these kicks

  15. Everything you say in this video is so right. Pot should really be legal, for many reasons! By the way, hasn't there been several studies showing that aspartame isn't dangerous to humans?

  16. For me cannabis was in fact a gateway drug wanting to try more mind altering substances.
    The REASON BEING ITS OWN NATURAL HIGH, especially when smoking daily. It made me give zero fucks, flattening out the emotional rollercoaster which is life when sober.
    Just being content all the time but without ups and downs.
    At that time i really endorsed the chance of feeling extra emotional when tripping or being extra fucked up when doing opioids.

  17. I do believe weed can be addictive depending on where a person is in life. I was smoking three a day non stop since about 2009. I smoked it mixed with tobacco because I didn't like the taste of it on its own, so I think that factored into the equation too along with plain old bad self-control and using it to cure boredom. However living in the UK and seeing people constantly binge drinking until they literally pass out every night I have to agree that weed should definitely be legalized for the simple fact that the effect that it will have on a person is to just chill them out instead of becoming aggressive and dangerous to the people around them. With proper instructions on its use and help programs available to people who decide they've had enough and want to quit I think it would solve a lot of the alcohol related issues that occur in my country. Wasting public money on a war against drugs that will never be won and filling jails with pot heads will never solve the problem, where as legalizing it, taxing it, and controlling it would solve a lot of issues that we see in society today.

    I don't think I'd go back to it myself as I just don't trust myself not to abuse it – but if a weak willed guy like me could finally bring himself to quit the stuff then I imagine anyone can if given the right help and motivation. I had a friend who died at 49 because he was a functional alcoholic his entire life and couldn't even bring himself to cut down once the doctors told him his liver was shot – he'd quit smoking cigs, weed, and doing coke years before because of the stigma attached to them but because his alcoholism wasn't noticeable in public due to his tolerance it fucked him in the end.

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