Episode 1013 | "New Marijuana" Documentary: Medical Marijuana

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A closer look at the science around marijuana and medical use. Plus, an overview of New Mexico’s current medical marijuana program.

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  2. What an ass hole he cant control the meds he is hand n out now my ass what a joke its all about the moneny they are gonna looe that's it they don't care about the avarage person they car about there avarage dollar yo come on yo

  3. Interesting article here.
    The stigma the pharma "benefited from:, Whomever incited, vilifying Mariuana, has created is basically lost its grip on society in general.
    The truth of MM is not anywhere harmful or evil as before implied, is being uncovered.
    From injuries needing med pain relief, taking 15 count, of #10 oxycontin daily.
    Pharma pills cause toxic crash/ chemical type rushing/ harsh /daily depression type withdrawals with coldness sweats!
    Waking daily with my kidneys hurting and eyes burning dryness too!
    Compared to a gentle experience from 4 vapes, of 8/8/ CBD/THC MM, once a week, week long lasting affect, feel good, no side affects at all etc.
    No $125.00 office visit, $50.00 pills costs, and 5 hours for all that activity.
    MM of $12-15 that amount 1 grm last me months due to significant affect it has .
    You be the judge.

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